Victor von Gerdenheim first appeared in Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors. Some of his quotes make reference to Professor Victor von Gerdenheim, who created Victor before he died. Emily, a creation by the same professor, was a prototype that could not generate electricity on her own.

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors[]

Darkstalkers The Night Warriors Victor win portait

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors[]

  • "You are no match against my great strength!"

Vampire: The Night Warriors[]

  • "Are you... my little brother?"
  • "Do you...hurt?"
  • "Do you know the professor? He is a great man."
  • "I am a "human construct"... I am the strongest man in the world"
  • "I am you...and you are me...I'm confused."
  • "I don't try this hard all the time..you are pretty strong."
  • "I know about you...you are a "fake," right?"
  • "I missed breakfast this morning.. I'm hungry. You look yummy."
  • "My punch is like 10 of yours. That is why I will not lose."
  • "No matter how you think about it, I'm the strongest."
  • "Professor...I am strong. The strongest in the world."
  • "That last punch was scary."
  • "The professor made me strong. That's why I win."
  • "The professor will note say nice things to me anymore. I am sad."
  • "Yep, I'm the strongest."
  • "You're like me. But I still wont."
  • "You're weak. But don't be sad. I'm just too strong."
  • "What does it feel like?"
  • "Will you remember my name now?"

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge[]

Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge Victor Wining Portrait
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Condition Quote
Winning with low health "Your skill and courage do you credit, but my power is without peer!"
Winning with medium health "My power can overcome any challenger!"
Winning with high health "My great strength is wasted on your great weakness!"
Winning against self "A pale imitation is still no match for my great strength!"

Darkstalkers 3[]

Darkstalkers 3 Victor Winning Portrait
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Victor's winquotes are mostly consistent across Japanese and English, with only modifications to fit letter limits, or to make more sense in English. Two quotes are completely rewritten, however.

  • "Don't make me mad. You wouldn't like me if I get mad!"
  • "Do you know my nickname? It's Frank!"
Original quote Translation from Japanese In English / English equivalent
"エミリー しんでない でんき たりないだけ……" "Emily is not dead. She just needs electricity..." "Emily is not dead. She just needs more electricity."
"おれ きほんてきに つよい" "I am strong. Simple." "Basically I'm stronger and you're weaker!"
"おれ ほんきだしたら こわい たぶん うちゅうさいきょう" "If I tried my hardest, it would be scary. Maybe I would be the strongest in the universe."
"まけるとしぬ おれ しぬのはいやだから かつ" "If you lose, you die. I don't want to die, so I will win." "If I lose, I die. I must win."
"おれ しってる こういうの むてきっていう" "I know the word invincible. It means me."
"おれ さいきんわかった おれのパワーは でんきパワー" "I learned...my power is electricity." "I've just discovered my power, it's electric!"
"おれ もともとはバラバラ おまえも なってみるか?" "I used to be little pieces. Do you want to be little pieces?" "I used to be just bits and pieces, now it's your turn."
"ともだち ほしい おまえ ともだちになれ" "I want friends... you be my friend." "Don't you want to be part of the team? I could really use you!"
"おれ たたかう きょうも あしたも" "I will fight. Today and tomorrow. I will fight." "I'll fight and live, day to day."
"エミリー もとにもどるまで おれ たたかうの やめない" "I won't stop fighting until Emily is back to normal." "I'll keep fighting until Emily fully recovers."
"らんぼうもの きらわれる エミリーが そういってた" "People hate bullies. That's what Emily said." "People hate violent persons. Emily told me that."
"はかせ しんだ でもおれ もうかなしくない" "The professor died... but I am not sad anymore." "The doctor is dead, but I'm not sad anymore."
"ここ どこだろ?" "Where is this place?" "Where am I?"
"おまえ てごたえない おれ おもしろくない" "You are too easy... It's no fun." "You offer no resistance. There is no fun in that."
"まだ うごくか? おまえ しつこい" "You're still moving? You try too hard." "Are you still moving? Next time, I'll break you!"
"おまえ なんでたたかう? おまえも しぬのは こわいか?" "You... why do you fight? Are you afraid to die too" "Why do you fight? Are you afraid of death too?"



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