The Vampire Hunter Sega Saturn Manual (ザ・ヴァンパイアハンター セガサターンマニュアル) is a two-part strategy guide series focused on the Sega Saturn version of Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge. It was edited by Studio BentStuff (スタジオベントスタッフ) and published by Aspect (アスペクト). The first issue, Ver. 1 Action Handbook for Night Warriors (ISBN 489366493X), was released on 1996-03-02 (cover date 1996-03-20) while the second issue, Ver. 2 Darkstalkers' Bible for Super Freaks (ISBN 4893665057), was released on 1996-03-25 (cover date 1996-04-08).

Part of Famitsu strategy guides, both issues are the equivalent to Gamest Vampire Hunter Perfect Guide, but focused on the console port.

The first issue covers movements, basic techniques, hidden options of the Saturn version and technical stuff in general, while the second issue focuses on tactics and strategies against other players, as well as more in-depth of special movements plus information on related goods and interviews with voice actors from the game like Noboyuki Hiyama (Demitri) and Kae Araki (Felicia).


External links[]

  • Issue #1 at Studio BentStuff website (Japanese)
  • Issue #2 at Studio BentStuff website (Japanese)


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