Terramon is character created for the Darkstalkers TV series by Graz Entertainment. He is Pyron's older brother and makes his first and only appearance in the final episode Everyone's a Critic. He is possibly voiced by either Richard Newman or Dale Wilson.

About Terramon[]

Terramon resembles Pyron except being made of physical matter rather than of fire, yellow, has different shaped horns, regular facial features (but still without a nose), sharp teeth and some features such as X shaped markings on his torso. He and Pyron apparently have beef over who is their unseen mother's favorite as seen when Pyron accused Terramon that "Mom always liked you best!". He was stated to be head of the family by Pyron, and similarly to him is a planet conqueror who has his own spaceship, computer and henchmen. He is also stated by Pyron to be far more powerful than his younger brother.

In the episode Everyone's a Critic, Terramon calls Pyron in order to inspect on his progress in conquering earth and see how he's been doing. Pyron sets up an agreement with Harry, Felicia and the other good Darkstalkers to pretend to be under his command so he can show that he's been doing well. Terramon arrives with his minions and they come by for dinner, after a while Terramon is presented to Harry, who he attempts to eat, only to be stopped by Pyron who then proceed to blast him, have a whole fight start and then get beamed out by Pyron's Computer back into his ship. Terramon gets enraged by this and tells him Earth is under new management. Pyron and the others infiltrate his ship and eventually Harry manages to get Terramon, his minions and Anakaris beamed into an unknown planet, with Anakaris disappearing shortly after. Terramon even more furious at Pyron demands him to show himself, only to then spot a giant dinosaur who then approaches him, Terramon is then heard screaming off screen, leaving his fate unknown though implied eaten by the dinosaur.

Terramon's Minions[]

Terramon has been shown to have several henchmen, they resemble him but are green, have noses, smaller and different colored horns, some wear footwear and have different features and accessories from one another.

Terramon minions
Terramon minions 2


  • In adaptions such as the Komas, Anthologies and etc, Pyron is sometimes seen without his flames and regular facial features, making him look strikingly similar to Terramon.
  • In Pyron's Capcom Fighting Jam ending, a character who looks similar to Terramon can be seen.
  • When one of Terramon's minions gets blasted by Pyron, what comes out of the rumble look like non organic material, implying some of his minions may be made out of machinery.
Pyron looking like Terramon in manga

Pyron looking like Terramon in one of the mangas/anthologies/komas

Terramon minions blasted

One of Terramon's minions blasted by Pyron

Capcom Fighting Evolution Pyron's Ending

Terramon lookalike in Fighting Jam


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