Shadow first appeared in Vampire Savior and is a play mode that is available to players by inputting a code on the character select screen. In Shadow mode, the player will take on the form of their previously defeated opponent. Shadow appears in Vampire Savior 2, Vampire Hunter 2 as well as various ports of Vampire Savior. He also makes an appearance on the cover of Udon's Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors comic.


Playing as Shadow forces the player to control their previously defeated opponent. Playing through the game in Shadow mode will give players an alternate version of the credits that feature every character's versus portraits in sepia tone. If the player ranks on the high score table, a question mark, "?," will appear instead of a character image and name.

Selecting Shadow


To select Shadow in the arcade version of Vampire Savior, highlight the random select icon on the character select screen. Press start 5 times and then any punch or kick button. To play as a preferred character in the first fight, highlight that character and press start 3 times on that character and then continue with the code to select Shadow.

Home console ports

Shadow can be selected in the Playstation version of Vampire Savior, Darkstalkers 3, by highlighting the random character selection box and pressing select 5 times and then any punch or kick button. To choose a specific character as your first fighter, highlight the desired character and hit select over them three times, then continue on and enter the buttons to select Shadow.

Darkstalkers Resurrection

In both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 version of Darkstalkers Resurrection, Shadow can be selected by highlighting the random character box then pressing start 5 times and then any punch or kick.(Doesn't work online)


UCDNW Issue 02 Cover 2A

Shadow, right hand corner

In the ''Darkstalkers series

In other video games

  • SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash, appears as an Action Card.

In other media


  • Originally, Shadow only had one costume color. For Vampire Savior 2 he received an additional seven colors with two more additional colors for Vampire Hunter 2.
  • Other names for Shadow are "SoulKeeper", SoulCollector" and "SoulStealer." His name is said to be "ShadowSoul" in Japan.
  • Unlike Marionette, Shadow does not appear in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS



Shadow color palettes

Shadow secret010111000110-1-
Shadow Color Palettes from VSAV2
SvC: Card Fighters' Clash


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