Samurai's Honor is the 10th episode in the American children's cartoon series of Darkstalkers. This episode introduces the young girl, Amanda (Anita in the video game series) who suffers from "spell shock" after being attack by Demitri. The cursed samurai Bishamon's evil sword, Genai, is destroyed and he departs from working under Pyron.


Demitri's plan on devouring an entire family is cut short when the dark hunter Donovan stops him. Noticing the girl needs help, Donovan takes her to Felicia and Harry. Donovan soon finds there is more to this young girl as he pursues Demitri, now inquiring the help of the samurai Bishamon.


Samurais Honor Bishamon and Orin

Bishamon in his human form with the ghost of Orin behind him



  • Orin (Lisa Ann Beley)


  • This episode contains flash backs from the first episode, "Out of the Dark."


  • This is the first episode to mention and show Orin. She would later appear in 12th episode, "Darkest Before Dawn."


  • Even though Demitri appears to fear the sun in the flashback and he also states he'll bite Amanda, turning her into a vampire where she'll never be able walk in the daylight, the entire battle between Donovan and Bishamon appears to take place during the day.
  • In various scenes Bishamon's eyes will appear white instead of purple.
  • Various scenes give Bishamon eyebrows while others omit them.


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