Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors[]

Darkstalkers The Night Warriors Rikuo win portait
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  • "You land beings are so weak! I'm disappointed."

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge[]

Night Warriors[]

Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge Rikuo Wining Portrait
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Condition Quote
Winning with low health "Poseidon's crown! You nearly defeated me land dweller!"
Winning with medium health "You air breathers wear defeat well. You must practice losing often!"
Winning with high health "Pitiful land wretch! How dare you face the lord of the sea!"
Winning against self "Impostor! Now you will feel the wrath of the sea!"

Vampire Hunter[]

  • "Just tell me one thing... Why do you accept a fight that you cannot win?"
  • "Oh, Great Water... where am I to go?"
  • "Until the day I rebuild my empire, I must walk this waterless path."
  • "Your life is all dried up now."

Darkstalkers 3[]

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Darkstalkers 3 Rikuo Winning Portrait

Rikuo's quotes are astonishingly accurate across Japanese and English in terms of context, with only certain additions and rewording done. One of his quotes is similar to that of Strider Hiryu's.

Original quote Translation from Japanese In English / English equivalent
"やはりな……ただの雑魚か!" "As I thought... a most unworthy opponent." "As I thought... You are just a guppy!"
"気が進まんな 弱者を手にかけるというのは……" "I don't enjoy tormenting prey that is clearly inferior to myself." "I don't feel good in killing a weakling like you..."
"守るべき者、愛する者のため 私は戦う……あくまで気高く!" "I fight for those whom I swore to protect, and those whom I love... Nobly, always!" "I fight for the one I love... And I do it nobly!"
"これが試練だとするなら 私にはまだまだ学ぶべき事があるな" "If this is some kind of trial, there is obviously a lot more I have to learn." "If this was a test, I still have much to learn."
"誇りなきものに かける情けはない!" "I have no sympathy for those without pride!" "No mercy for the one without pride!"
"私は誓ったのだ 水の世界に恒久の和をもたらすと" "I swore to myself that my world under the water would enjoy everlasting peace." "I've vowed to bring eternal peace to the water world."
"流れを読むのではない 流れそのものになるのだ" "It's not about reading the currents... it's about becoming one with them." "You shouldn't challenge the flow, instead be part of it."
"どうも地上の生物は 優雅さに欠けるようだ" "It seems all surface dwellers lack a certain elegance..." "The slime of the earth cannot defeat me."
"我が一撃は水の民の怒りと知れ!" "Know that each of my strikes represents the anger of the water folk!" "Feel the rage of water people! It's a wave of destruction!"
"わが息子よ……無事でいてくれ!" "My son... wherever you are, just hang in there a little longer!" "My dear son... I pray that he is safe!"
"さて……聞かせてもらおうか 無謀にも私に挑んだ理由を" "Now... why don't you start by telling me why you foolishly agreed to fight me?" "Now... tell me why you dared to challenge me!"
"潤いのない世界は肌になじまぬ" "This dry world doesn't suit my skin very well..." "I need moisture to keep me alive. Your blood will suffice."
"大いなる水の意志が おまえの罪を裁くだろう" "The Will of the Great Waters passes judgement on your crimes." "The great energy of water shall judge your sins."
"水を軽んじる者に救いはない すべての命の源は水なのだから" "Those who do not respect the water cannot be saved, for water is the source of all life." "One who neglects water won't be saved. It is the source."
"どうした、地を這う者よ? ここは水の中ではないぞ" "What's the matter, Land Crawler? It's not like we're in the water here." "What happened to landwalkers? You're not under water."
"何か思い違いをしているようだな 狩人は私、獲物は君だ" "You seem to suffer from some misconceptions... I am the predator here, and you are the prey." "You've misunderstood... I am the hunter, you're the hunted."



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