Q-Bee is a fictional character who first appeared in Darkstalkers 3, known as Vampire Savior in arcades and has not made a playable appearance outside of the Darkstalkers series. She is the only character to have her winning dialogue in katakana only.

Darkstalkers 3[]

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Darkstalkers 3 Q-Bee Winning Portrait

Q-Bee's quotes have somewhat different contexts between Japanese and English, and some of them are redundant. As a result, 3 of her quotes are completely different in English. Also, her Japanese quotes are all written in Katakana, as it is usually for foreign words or for unusual non-human-like speech.

  • "It will be fun to play with your body."
  • "My sting won't hurt. It'll just kill ya."
  • "Shall I give you more love?"
Original quote Translation from Japanese In English / English equivalent
"アタシ、 スキキライハ ナイノ ダカラアソシソナノ" "Don't worry... I don't have picky taste." "I can eat anything to survive, but you shall be a treat!"
"サイショハ アタマカラ ツギニ オナカノナカ" "First, the head...then the innards."
"ハナ…ハナハスキ アマイミツガ イッパイ" "Flowers... I like flowers. Full of sweet nectar." "I can see your flower... It's time to pollinate."
"スダ オナカスイチャウノ ダベテモタベテモ タリナイノ" "I am always hungry. No matter how much I eat." "I just can't get enough... I never feel satisfied!"
"アナタ、 ダイスキ ゼンブタベチャウカラネ" "I like you a lot. I will eat all of you. "
"チクットスルダケコワクナイヨ" "It only stings for a second... don't be scared." "You'll only feel a prickle. Don't be afraid..."
"ゼンブホシイノ ナカミ、ゼンブホシイノ" "I want it all... your insides. I want it all" "I want everything... Everything inside your body!"
"オナカ イッパイニナルマデ ズット イッショニイヨ?" "Let's be together... until my belly is full." "Let's stick together until I'm full, shall we?"
"ナカマ フヤスノ ソレガ シメイナ" "My colony must expand. It is my destiny." "My mission is to increase the number of my people!"
"ペタペタスルノ ダンシイ" "Sticky is so fun."
"タ マシイノ カチハ  エイヨウデキマルノ" "The value of a soul is measured by it's nutritious qualities." "The market value of your soul lies within it's taste!"
"ドコカラ タベテホシイ?" "What part of you should I eat first?" "Which part of you do you want me to eat first?"
"アナタ ナゼコワガルノ? アタシノメカマニナレルノニ" "Why are you scared? You are going to join my colony" "Why are you so afraid? You can be one of us."
"アナタハキット エイヨウマンテン" "You look nutritious. " "You must be very nutritional, or at least good roughage!"
"イイニオイ…ハチミツミタイナノ" "You smell nice... like honey." "Mmm... Smells good... It smells like honey."
"オイシ オイシ ネバネバ チュルチュル" "Yummy yummy... sticky sticky... slurp slurp." "Yummy yum yummy... It's good for my tummy!"



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