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Q-Bee is a Capcom character introduced in Darkstalkers 3 and later Vampire Savior 2. She has not made a playable appearance in a fighting game out of the Darkstalkers series. In the series canon, her attack names are taken from the Makai book, "Makai Evil Insect Book" written by fictional character Varvle Mattlayer. The spelling of these attacks were re-written to their nearest Human language equivalent.

Generally, Q-Bee is considered a high tier character. She is one of few characters with the ability to dash in air. Her air dash has homing capabilities, locking her onto the opponent. She has the ability to float momentarily in air or fully by using her Dark Force.

Darkstalkers 3[]

DS3 Moves Q-Bee
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Command normals Input Notes
Float in air, hold Up
Homing Dash (air dash) in air, RightRight
Cn Left or Right+MP or HP Up close
CA In air, Left or Right+MP or HP Up close
Special moves Input Notes
SU ES Up+P or K
S×p Tap K Usuable in air
C→R ES LeftLeft DownDownRight DownRight+P Usuable in air
ΔA ES DownLeft DownLeft+K Usuable in air
R.M ES RightDownRight Down+K GC only
O.M. ES RightRight DownDownLeft DownLeft+P Up close
EX moves Input Notes
QJ RightDownRight Down+2P Usuable in air
+B LeftLeft DownDownRight DownRight+2K Usuable in air
Dark Force Input Notes
P+K of the same strength


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