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Pyron appeared as the original boss character for Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors and in Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge. He would later appear as the boss in Vampire Hunter 2.

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors[]

Darkstalkers The Night Warriors Pyron win portait
  • "You were not worth fighting. I need a more challenging foe."

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge[]

Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge Pyron Wining Portrait
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Condition Quote
Winning with low health "If your power were equal to your spirit, you would be most formidable."
Winning with medium health "I have crushed stars! What chance have you against me!"
Winning with high health "Are you the best your pitiful world has to offer? Conquering you will take no effort."
Winning against self "Be gone impostor! There can be but one Pyron! Lord of the living flame!"

Winning quote (Japan)

  • "Do not be defeated so easily... it lessens my enjoyment."
  • "I am the truth of the universe."
  • "I'm sure you knew this already, but your existence is one that was destined to be erased."
  • "This planet is so beautiful... How can you lot be so ugly?"
  • "When you live as long as I have, you need some distractions every now and then."

Darkstalkers 3[]

Darkstalkers 3 Pyron Winning Portrait
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  • "Beauty needs to be protected by the absolute power."
  • "By having a physical form... you had no chance to win."
  • "Crushed lives are beautiful. The glow is like that of a new star."
  • "Enjoy your last moments. You will soon not be able to..."
  • "Glow... and disperse."
  • "I am far too unhappy to see the value of winning."
  • "If space principles are beyond your knowledge, you will perish!"
  • "I have control over all. Losing is not a factor for me."
  • "I have little experience, but I understand the "power of soul.""
  • "My destiny is not to win, yet I cannot lose out of generosity."
  • "My power is being controlled by space... Interesting..."
  • "The process was enjoyable and I am satisfied with the results."
  • "Time is not elegant. It has a tendency to corrupt beauty."
  • "You fight only to be defeated. I have no business with you."
  • "Your body is a weak-point! You will never be a super-being!"
  • "Your life is as frail as ancient ash: 150 billion years old."



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