"Pyramid Power" is the third episode of the Darkstalkers TV series. The episode centered around Anakaris and Felicia but explores the past of not only Anakaris but the meraman people. Harry's mother, a reporter for the fictional Natural Inquisitor is introduced in the beginning of the episode.


Morrigan, Demitri and Anakaris travel back in time to find out what happened to an ancient gem. Felicia senses that Rikuo, the merman, is in trouble. Coincidentally Harry's mom has to head to Cairo, Egypt as a 5,000 year old pyramid is seen mysteriously floating over the desert city.


DS TV Pyramid Power Demitri Morrigan Anakaris



  • Pyron (Richard Newman)
  • Computer (Ian Corlett)
  • Merman race (Scott McNeil)
  • Mrs. Grimoire (Kathleen Barr)



  • The merman race rule over Atlantis.
  • Anakaris states that his wife, Chaotica has run off with a merman.
  • This is the first episode to show any of Harry's parents.


  • While the pyramid is filling, shortly before Rikuo uses the gem, Harry can be seen in his regular clothes as opposed to what he was wearing when he first entered the pyramid.


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