Oboro Bishamon (朧ビシャモン, Oboro Bishamon) is a secret character who first appeared in Vampire Savior: Lord of Vampire. This version of Bishamon is a depiction of what Bishamon would be like if he truly conquered and mastered the evil in the armor that intended to possess him. As a result, Bishamon is in complete control of both himself and the armor, instead of the armor taking control over him. Consequentially, he loses the ability to send the soul fires out to possess an opponent, but he gains some new abilities. He has slightly different colors and is shown to don and remove the armor at will before and after a fight.

Key differences from Bishamon

Appearance wise, Oboro's character sported duller colors compared to Bishamon. His character portrait and victor artwork represented these changes in color as well. In Vampire Savior, Oboro uses Bishamon's winning quotes; this was removed in the upgraded titles Vampire Hunter 2 and Vampire Savior 2, where they appear only as a line of periods, or ellipses. Another difference is the lack of fiery souls that were once present over Bishamon's shoulders. The lack of these also contributed to Oboro Bishamon not having moves where the souls could possess the opponent.

In Vampire Savior, Oboro only had one stage entrance pose and one winning pose. In his winning pose he donned the cursed armor and after winning the armor was taken off. In Vampire Hunter 2 and Savior 2 he received a shorter stage intro when controlled by the player as well as several addition and unique win poses. Oboro was also given unique character damage transformations. In the arcade versions of the games, when struck by Anakaris's "Pharaoh's Curse" he is transformed into a mini Bishamon holding a staff. He was also given a slightly different sprite when struck by Demitri Maximoff's "Midnight Bliss".

Fight Oboro Bishamon

To fight Oboro Bishamon the player must follow several guidelines. These guidelines include not selecting "auto mode," not losing a single round and defeating two opponents with a specific EX move. After the player has accomplished this and defeated their boss character they will fight Oboro Bishamon. If the player loses they will only be shown their selected character's ending, as per normal gameplay. If they win, not only will their own ending play, they will be rewarded with a special ending featuring Anita and Oboro Bishamon, along with the rest of the cast of Vampire Savior.

Full list of EX moves

Character EX Move
Anakaris Pharaoh Salvation or Pharaoh Decoration
B.B.Hood Beautiful Memory
Bishamon Soul Torment
Demitri Maximoff Midnight Pleasure
Donovan Baine Change Immortal
Felicia Please Help Me
Hsien-Ko Chinese Bomb
Huitzil Final Gaurdian Beta
Jon Talbain/Dark Talbain Razor Slice
Jedah Dohma Prova=Déi=Cervo
Lilith Gloomy Puppet Show
Lord Raptor Hell Dunk
Morrigan Aensland Darkness Illusion
Pyron Cosmo Disruption
Q-Bee plus B
Rikuo Aqua Spread
Sasquatch Big Sledge
Victor von Gerdenheim Gerdenheim 3

Selecting Oboro Bishamon

Vampire Hunter 2/Savior 2

Highlight Bishamon on the character select screen, while holding Start press any punch or kick button.


After highlighting Bishamon on the character selection screen, press and hold Select and then any punch or kick button.

Darkstalkers Resurrection

On the character select screen, press and hold Start while over Bishamon and then press any punch or kick button.

Command list

Command normals Input Notes
Kase Nage Left.gif or Right.gif+MP or HP Up close
Mitama Nuki In air, Left.gif or Right.gif+MP or HP Up close
Alternate normals Right.gif+Any punch or kick
Special moves Input Notes
Shikabanenui ES Up.gif+K or P Pursuit
Kien Zan ES Right.gifDown.gifRight Down.gif+P GC
Nu Kien Zan ES Left.gifLeft Down.gifDown.gifRight Down.gifRight.gif+P
Onibi Tabane ES Right.gifDown.gifRight Down.gif+K
Oni Naburi ES Down.gifRight Down.gifRight.gifRight Up.gif+P
Kirisute Gomen ES 360+MP or HP Up close
Iaigiri ES Charge Left.gif, Right.gif+P or K P for high, K for lower strikes
EX moves Input Notes
Oni Kubi Hineri Right.gifRight Down.gifDown.gifLeft Down.gifLeft.gif+2P
Enma Ishi Left.gifLeft Down.gifDown.gifRight Down.gifRight.gif+2K
Togakubi Sarashi Down.gifDown.gif+2P After opponent knock down
Kimen Kudaki Left.gifDown.gifLeft Down.gif+2P DFP only
Dark Force Input Notes
Kogane Katabira P+K of the same strength


Oboro Bishamon's winning quote Sprite

In the Darkstalkers series

In the Japanese only games



Oboro Bishamon Intro Sprite.png
Darkstalkers series
Human form


  • Oboro in Japanese can mean haziness, gloomy or dreaminess.
  • His fight conditions is unique that losing to him is not counted as a defeat; the player will not be given a chance to continue if they lose, and their endings will play anyway regardless. This trend has carried over to recent games such as the Street Fighter IV series (facing Akuma, Gouken, Evil Ryu and Oni), Fatal Fury series (facing Nightmare Geese) and KOF2002UM (facing Omega Rugal).
  • In console versions of Vampire Hunter 2 and Vampire Savior 2, he gains a unique victory fanfare music. (formerly, it was the pre-fight boss bgm of the respective game)


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