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Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge's official soundtrack is a soundtrack released for the original animation, Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge, known in Japan as Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers' Revenge. The soundtrack featured 21 tracks and was released by Viz Music.

Non-Japanese tracklisting[]

Track Listing
01 Invitation to the Charm of Darkness 2:29
02 Cool Love 2:14
03 Mad Rhythm 2:20
04 Night Battle Party 3:09
05 Chaos Flare 3:13
06 Endless Battle Game 3:29
07 Pure Yet Alone 2:12
08 Bluffman 3:28
09 Oriental Sisters 2:12
10 Artman 2:01
11 Murder Pentagram 3:55
12 Space Symphonic 4:04
13 Memories 2:46
14 A Sad Destiny 1:53
15 Precious Spirit 2:56
16 Dark Diamond 3:15
17 Planet Burning 4:00
18 Destruction Of God 3:07
19 The Final Kiss 3:30
20 The Disappearing Light 2:11
21 Escape From The Labryrinth 3:21
Total run time 61:45

Japanese tracklisting[]

Track Listing
01 魅惑の闇への招待曲 Miwaku no Yami e no Shōtai Kyoku
02 COOL LOVE Cool Love
03 狂った鼓動 Kutta Kodō
04 バトル・オブ・ナイト・パーティ Batoru Obu Naito Pāti
05 カオス・フレア Kaosu Furea
06 エンドレス・バトルゲーム Endoresu Batorugēmu
07 純粋であるがゆえの孤独 Shunzuidearu ga Yue no Kodoku
08 ブラフマン Burafuman
09 オリエンタル・シスターズ Orientaru Shisutāzu
10 アートマン Ātoman
11 SATSU-JIN Satsujin (lit. Murder)
12 スペース・シンフォニック Supēsu Shisofonikku
13 追憶… Tsuioku
14 悲壮な運命のままに Hisou na Unmei Mama ni
15 PRECIOUS SPIRIT Precious Spirit
16 ダーク・ダイヤモンド Dāku Daimondo
17 プラネット・バーニング Puranetto Bāningu
18 デストラクション・オブ・ゴッド Desutorakushon obu Goddo
19 最期の口づけ Saigo no Guchizuke
20 消えそうな光芒 Kiesouna Koubou
21 迷路からの脱出 Meiru kara no Dasshutsu


  • Unlike the non-Japanese tracklist, track 11's translation is slightly different. The Japanese track is titled "SATSU-JIN" which can be seen as either "Murder" or "murder-person." The English language title is "Murder Pentagram." This may also be a play on words as the character for "five" can also be pronounced as "satsu" and is the number of points on a pentagram.
  • Although it appears as the ending theme, "The Trouble Man," does not appear on this soundtrack.
  • Also missing from the soundtrack is the accordion tune that plays almost every time Felicia shows up in the OVA.



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