"My Harry's in the Highlands" is the 8th episode in the Darkstalkers animated series. This episode focuses on Harry Grimoire, Felicia, Morrigan Aensland along with Jon Talbain and a flashback of his past.


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Jon Talbain (Human Form) (U.S. Cartoon)

Jon in his human form



  • Although he doesn't appear, Demitri Maximoff is refeared to several times.
  • During the first episode, Out of the Dark, Pyron awakens Morrigan from a stone like state. She explains in this episode that she was placed in a stone like state by a coven of white witches 200 years ago.

Pop culture referencesEdit

  • Harry refers to Felicia as Obi-Wan, a character from George Lucas' Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi.


  • After Morrigan preforms her spell with Harry, a small tremor knocks over Jon and Felicia. After the tremor, Felicia appears no longer wearing her previous outfit.


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