Morrigan Aensland made her debut in the first Darkstalkers game, Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (Vampire: The Night Warriors, in Japan). She has appeared in every sequel since. Outside of her home series, Morrigan has appeared in other various Capcom cross overs including the Marvel vs. Capcom series, Pocket Fighter and Wii exclusive, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors

Darkstalkers The Night Warriors Morrigan win portait
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  • "My beauty can overcome brains and brawn!"


  • "Ahh, this thrill! There's nothing like a near-defeat to get me going."
  • "Arouse me some more, won't you? I want this to be a night I won't forget!"
  • "Don't be so scared. It only hurts a little... then you'll just feel like you're falling into darkness."
  • "I know... I'm just as beautiful when I fight. Try not to admire me while we're fighting, though... it doesn't make for much of a challenge."
  • "I feel quite satisfied now. Thank you."
  • "I want to steal you away... all of you."
  • "Look at what you did to my face! Did you really think you could get away with this? It's no surprise you were defeated."
  • "Mmm... That feels so good. I can feel your life energies filling me..."
  • "Oh, you'll get me some day, huh? What a lame thing to say."
  • "Teehee... You're so cute. Did you really think you had a chance?"
  • "There is no escape... Receive my kiss of death."
  • "What's the matter? You can have your way with me, you know... that is, if you can handle me."
  • "We should meet again tonight... in your dreams."
  • "You're boring me. I'm going home."
  • "You're so cute. I love how you get all worked up."
  • "You're trying too hard. Come back when you've outgrown your diapers!"

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge

Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge Morrigan Wining Portrait
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Night Warriors

Condition Quote
Winning with low health "If your skill were as great as your boast, you would have provided more of a challenge!"
Winning with medium health "My victories, like my beauty are eternal!"
Winning with high health "By the abyss! You offer no challenge to me!"
Winning against self "You may have the looks, but the brains and the skill are all mine!"

Vampire Hunter

  • "All of that pained groaning of yours really makes me hot."
  • "Come, look into my eyes... Now you're a slave of darkness."
  • "Did you think I would let you get away after what you did to me?"
  • "You're so naughty... hee hee."
  • "You're too weak for me... I get no pleasure from someone of your limited capability."

Darkstalkers 3

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Darkstalkers 3 Morrigan Winning Portrait

Morrigan's winquotes are mostly consistent across Japanese and English, with only modifications to fit letter limits, or to make more sense or sound in character in English. Two of her quotes do not have a true English equivalent and are thus reworded.

  • "Ah honey. Is that all you got?"
  • "I'll just be looking for your corpse."
Original quote Translation from Japanese In English / English equivalent
"まだ怖がってるの? 一緒にのぼりつめましょ……" "Are you still afraid? Let's work past it together..." "Still afraid? Come and feel the acme together."
"ま……60点てところかしらね" "Hmmm... I'll give you a 60 out of 100."
"あなたが攻めてこないと あたしも燃えないわ……" "It doesn't turn me on unless you're coming at me.." "I didn't even break a sweat!"
"永遠の愛なんて要らないわ この瞬間だけ高まればいいの" "I don't need an eternal love... this one moment of passion is enough for me." "I don't need eternal love. I just want the acme now."
"楽しませてくれると思ったけど ……とんだ見込み違いね!" "I thought you'd entertain me at least a little... I see I overestimated you!" "I thought you would amuse me... Guess I was wrong!"
"変わらぬ時を過ごすのは 死より恐ろしい……そう思わない?" "Living an eternity where nothing ever changes.. that's more terrifying than death itself, don't you think?" "Repetition is worse than death... right?"
"ひとつくらい弱点を 教えてあげてもよかったかしら?" "Maybe I should have told you about one of my weaknesses to level the playing field a little." "Maybe I should have given you a hint. Maybe next time..."
"フフ……イジメ甲斐があったわ" "Mmm.. torturing you was pretty fun." "Ahhh... I enjoyed abusing you. Care to try it again?"
"ガムシャラなのは若い証拠 恥じなくていいのよ……" "Reckless tactics are evidence of youth. There's no need to be ashamed about that..." "Young men tend to use force. Don't be ashamed, I like it!"
"いますぐその痛みが 例え難い悦びに変わるわ" "Soon your pain will turn into an indescribable ecstasy." "Your pain will soon become ultimate pleasure. I promise!"
"夜はオトナの時間なの 子どもはもう帰りなさい" "The night is made for adults... children ought to be home by now." "Night was created for adults. You should go home kid!"
"ほら……聞こえるでしょ? この胸の高鳴りが……" "There... can you hear that? You got my heart pumping." "Shh... Can you hear it? My heartbeat..."
"……真の安らぎは 闇の中でこそ得られてよ" "True peace is only attained within the darkness of the shadows." "True peace can only be found in the cold darkness."
"かわいいヒト…… 身も心も奪ってあげる" "You're so adorable.. I'll take you, body and soul." "You're so sweet... I'll take away your body and your soul."
"あいかわらず激しいのね だけど、あせっちゃダメよ" "You're so passionate, as usual.. but try not to push too hard." "You're as energetic as ever, just don't be in such a rush."
"美味しかった……また頂戴ね" "You were delicious. I look forward to seconds."

Pocket Fighter

  • "If you don't think I'm the most beautiful, I'll punish you!"
  • "My house? It's just a castle with stewards. Oh yes, and bats!"
  • "Those bats around me? They hold my stuff when I go shopping!"
  • "You've torn my stockings!! Now, you shall feel my wrath!"

Quotes (Japanese version)

Win Quotes

  • "My dwellings? It's not much of note. Merely a grand castle with a butler thrown in."「私の住まい? たいしたことないわただの執事つきの大きなお城よ」
  • "The difference between a vampire and a succubus? Plainly speaking, it's one lacking and the other possessing beauty."「ウァンパイアとサキュバスの違い?平たくいうと美しさかしら」
  • "The bats that surround me... They're quite the indispensable lot when it comes to carrying my shopping."「私を取り巻くコウモリたち・・・お買い物の荷物もちにはかかせないわ」
  • "I can't believe you tore apart my stockings!! ...That's it, execution awaits you."「ストッキング破れたじゃない!!・・・・・・死刑だわ」

Win Quotes (Character-Specific)

  • "Dapper qualities are indeed so..."「シブイことはシブイと思うわよ・・・」
  • "With that out of the way, I'll be taking that China dress of yours."「というわけでこのチャイナ服はいただいていくわ」
  • "You own a dojo? So... I wonder if that makes you a young entrepreneur?"「道場を持ってるの? それって・・・青年実業家と考えていいのかしら?」
  • "A movie star? That sounds nice. This heap of presents, though... It's lovely."「映画スター? それもいいわね山積みになったプレゼント・・・素敵だわ」
  • "A playful atmosphere with an open bosom... Perhaps this gap suits me well."「お子様な雰囲気と胸元のあいた服・・・このギャップがいいのかしら・・・」
  • "Wait just here, this is an incredibly important question. Those clothes of yours... Are they in vogue right now?"「ちょっと待って、すごく大事なことよその服・・・いま流行ってるの?」
  • "I'm wondering if I should have you follow me along to an extravagant dinner or a neverending shopping course?"「豪華ディナーか無制限お買い物コースどっちに連れてってもらおうかしら?」
  • "It looks to me that we both have our fair share of trouble when it comes to tip-toeing the line with Western clothing."「お互い、お洋服のしまいどころには苦労するわよねぇ」
  • "By the way, can you make a killing with this street fighter gig?"「ところで、ストリートファイトって儲かるのかしら・・・?」
  • "Gym shorts with a school uniform... Who knew that was an option..."「制服にブルマ・・・そういう手もあるわね・・・」
  • "You being an animal lover raises my opinion of you in my book, I suppose..."「動物好きっていうのはやっぱりポイント高いのかしら・・・」
  • "Only a single pair of pants... Now, that would bring about a bout of anxiety."「パンツ1枚・・・さすがに、ちょっとアセるわね」


Morrigan: "Is this the famous Chun-Li?! She isn't that beautiful! She's an awful dresser, too!"

Narrator: "Morrigan takes pride in criticizing the various pictures of girls that she orders her butlers to collect for her."

Morrigan: "I'll prove to the world who is the most beautiful!"

Narrator: "And so, Morrigan flew off into the moonlit night, intent on "convincing" anyone who might disagree with her."


Morrigan: "Yes! I won! Now I proved that I am really number one! I'm the most beautiful, and the strongest too!"

Morrigan: "From now on, every man in the world is going to kneel down before me!"

???: "Really? You think I'm so cute??"

Morrigan: "What?"

Morrigan: "Why! Why! Why is such a puny, flat-chested girl so popular?! She is cute, but not beautiful like me!"

Morrigan: "Shoot! I'm tired today so I'll go home. But tomorrow I will teach that cutesy girl a thing or two! Hmmph!"

Narrator: "It seems that Morrigan has a long way to go before she can reign as queen..."

Pre-boss Dialogue

vs. Chun-Li

Morrigan: "How will I ever find that Chun-Li... Hi chef, I'd like to order some wonton noodles! No garlic or MSG, please!"

Chun-Li: "I'd like some garlic noodles! Give me lots of garlic, okay? A really big heap of it!"

Morrigan: "Uggh! I can't believe there's a lady who would eat a heap of garlic in the daytime... Oh! You're Chun-Li!"

Chun-Li: "What's your problem?! Policewomen need lots of energy! What's so bad about garlic?!"

vs. Ken

Ken: "Hey there Morrigan! Interested in having a cup of tea with me sometime?"

Morrigan: "Why not? But first, how about a sparring match? I'm so dreadfully bored!"

Morrigan: "I know! How about you buy me a pair of shoes if I win, and a new outfit if I lose?"

Ken: "Sure! That sounds... Hey wait!"

Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes

  • "Eternity can be lonely. Please keep me company."
  • "I shouldn't have gone so easy on you!"
  • "It gets rough sometimes...... Just stay on your back."
  • "My beauty can overcome brains and brawn."
  • "Stay down, it's easier that way."
  • "You can get hurt...... Don't exert yourself next time."
  • "Your soul is not worthy of me."
  • "Your soul is strong...... May I borrow it? Forever......"

Quotes (Japanese version)

Win Quotes

  • "I was expecting you to attack me together, but... don't let me down."「二人で攻めてくれるって言うから 期待したのに・・・がっかりさせないで。」
  • "There's no need to be afraid... Once you remember the pleasure of falling, you can't stop..."「さあ、恐がらなくていいわ・・・おちる快感を 一度おぼえたら、やめられなくなるから・・・」
  • "Partner, you don't have to be so patient. Come with me..."「(Partner)、あなたもガマン しなくていいのよ。さあ、いらっしゃい・・・」
  • "How's that? Did you feel me enough?「どう?十分私を感じてくれた?」
  • "Lilith, how do you like your new, living body over there? I'm sure it suits you..."「リリス、あっちのイキのいい方、あなたの 新しい体にどう? きっと似合うわよ・・・」
  • "You can't just come at me out of the blue... There's got to be a bit more of a mood, you know?"「いきなり攻めてくるなんて・・・もう少しムードってものがあるでしょう?」
  • "Oh, is it no good anymore? It can't be helped. Come back next time when you're a bit stronger..."「あら、もうダメなの? 仕方ないわね。次はもう少し強くなってから来でね・・・」
  • "Hmm, not bad... You guys are pretty good..."「ふふ、悪くないわ・・・。あなた達、なかなか上手じゃない・・・」
  • "Trying to beat me... Your thoughts are amusing. You guys..."「私に勝とうだなんて・・・面白いこと考えるのね。あなた達・・・」
  • "That won't satisfy me. Come over here. I'll show you..."「それじゃ私を満足させられないわ。こっちへいらっしゃい。教えてあげる・・・」
  • "How's that, you guys? Are you satisfied? Hmm, I think I served you a little too well..."「どう、あなた達? 満足してくれた?ふふ、少しサービスしすぎたかしら・・・」
  • "After all that aggression, is it still not enough? Okay, come again..."「あんなに攻めたのにまだ足りないの?いいわ、もう一度いらっしゃい・・・」
  • "Partner... I never expected that you might be the one who can satisfy me..."「(Partner)・・・ 私を 満足させられるのは、案外あなたかもね・・・」
  • "Well... It's getting so hot... Hmm... Lilith and I will soothe you..."「まあ・・・こんなに熱くなっちゃって・・・ふふ・・・。リリスと私でしずめてあげる・・・」
  • "You came at me so frantically... Hmm, but I can't help it because I'm young. ♥"「あんなにがむしゃらに向かって来て・・・ふふ、でも若いんだから仕方ないわね♥」
  • "Partner, do you want me to attack you too? I can see it in your eyes..."「(Partner)、あなたも私に 攻められたい? そんな目に見えるわよ・・・」

vs. Onslaught

Morrigan: "Oh, you're Onslaught? I was expecting more from you, but you don't look like much."「あら、あなたがオンスロート?期待してたのに、たいしたことなさそうね」

Onslaught: "It looks like the bats have gone astray... Morrigan, I shalt return thee to darkness..."「コウモリが迷い込んできたようだな・・・モリガン、我が汝を闇にかえしてやろう・・・」

Onslaught: "Everything must perish! In my name! I am Onslaught, an angry god!!"「すべて滅びよ!我が名のもとに!!我はオンスロート、怒れる神なり!!」

The Match of the Millennium: SNK vs. Capcom

  • "Close your eyes! Like, forever!"
  • "I just love your tacky fashion!"
  • "I'll take your life force now."
  • "Oh, so close! Feel better?"
  • "You become me... Literally..."

Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000/Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001

  • "I could let you live, but then that would only make me as weak as you..."
  • "I didn't have the heart to destroy you..."
  • "I find this place is full of fantasies. Everything looks so attractive!"
  • "I grow tired of your feeble attempts to fight me..."
  • "I realized man likes to fight. And I like man, so..."
  • "You didn't have the strength to satisfy my lust for vengeance..."
  • "You don't need to feel ashamed. There is no one who is not fascinated by me!"
  • "You are so boring!"

Character Specific (Japanese version)


Opponent Translation from Japanese In English / English equivalent
Akuma 「あなた、ほんとうにただの人間?」 "Are you really just a human being?"
Balrog 「あなたが猛り狂うほど、あたしの胸は刺激で満たされるの。」 "The more your rage grows, so does the stimulation in my heart."
Blanka 「あたしが恐い? 心配いらないわ。気が遠くなるまで抱きしめてあげる。」 "Are you scared of me? Don't worry. I'll hug you until you rest."
Cammy 「お祭りなんだから、もっとリラックスして楽しめばいいのよ。」 "It's a tournament, why don't you relax and enjoy it?"
Chun-Li 「哀しい記憶は捨てちゃいなさい。あたしが気持ち良くしてあげるから。」 "Let go of those bitter memories. I'll make you feel good."
Dan 「人間界なんてつまらないでしょ? あたしと来ない? 父親にも会えるかもよ。」 "Isn't the human world boring? Why don't you come with me? You might even see your father again."
Dhalsim 「なにも望まないなんてウソだわ。もっと心を自由にさせましょ。」 "It's a lie that you don't want anything. Let your mind be free."
E. Honda 「さあ、どうしようかしら。とりあえず深ーい眠りに落ちてみる?」 "I wonder what I should do now. How would you like to fall into a deep sleep?"
Eagle 「魔界のお味はいかが? 想像以上の刺激だったでしょ?」 "Would you like a taste of Makai? More stimulating than you could ever imagine, right?"
Evil Ryu 「やるじゃない。闇の世界でも充分通用しそうよ。」 "I'm not going to do this. The underworld seems to work well for you."
Guile 「あたしには解るわ・・・・。あなたは酔ってるのよ、復讐に。」 "I see... You're drunk on revenge."
Ken 「ガマンしちゃ駄目よ。男でしょ?」 "Don't hold back. You're a man, aren't you?"
Kyosuke ・・・・隠したってわかるのよ。あなたの心は、あの人で一杯・・・・フフッ!」 "...I know what you're hiding. Your heart is full of him... Fufu!"
M. Bison 「悪趣味ね。苦痛や憎悪だけが楽しみだなんて。」 "Disgusting. Pain and hatred are the only things you look forward to."
Maki 「そっけなくされると、かまってあげたくなるのよね。」 "When you're being unobtrusive, it makes me want to bother you."
Morrigan 「こんなところまできて、自分の相手はウンザリなんだけど。」 "I'm sick and tired of having to deal with myself after coming all this way."
Rolento 「熱い魂が集う国・・・・面白そうじゃない。夢を奪いに訪ねてみたいわ。」 "A nation of hot souls... doesn't that sound interesting. I'd like to visit in your dreams."
Ryu 「あなたの夢は何? あたしの抱擁よりも素敵なのかしら?」 "What are your dreams? Is it better than my embrace?"
Sagat 「苦しいのね・・・・? いいわ、あたしの胸で眠りなさい。」 "It's painful, isn't it? Okay, you can rest on my chest."
Sakura 「あなたみたいなキレイな心に、いけない悪戯をするのが快感なの。」 "It's a pleasure to get up to mischief with a beatiful heart like yours."
Shin Akuma 「こんなのばかり相手にしてちゃ、お楽しみの時間がなくなっちゃうわ。」 "If I keep dealing with these people, I'll run out of time for fun."
Vega 「素顔をさらけ出すのが恐いの? あたしには隠してもムダよ。」 "Are you afraid to reveal your true face? It's no use trying to hide it from me."
Yun 「迷わずに、真正面からおいで。2人まとめて、受け止めてあげる。」 "Don't hesitate, come at me head-on. I'll take the two of you together."
Zangief 「なんて強い意思なのかしら。奪い甲斐があるわ。」 "What strong will. It's worth taking."


Opponent Translation from Japanese In English / English equivalent
Athena 「今の自分に、満足? 心の奥は、そうは言ってないわよ。」 "Are you satisfied with yourself now? Deep down inside, I wouldn't say so."
Benimaru 「あたしでよかったらお相手するわ。命の保証まではしないけど。」 "I'll be your partner if you like. I can't guarantee your life, though."
Chang 「2人がかりのくせに、期待はずれね。この火照りをどうしてくれるの?」 "It took two of you, but you're not what I expected. What are you going to do about this burning flush?"
Geese 「あなたの人生は刺激に満ちていたようね。肌触りですぐに解ったわ。」 "Your life seems to have been full of excitement. I could tell right away by the feel of your skin."
God Rugal 「ちょっと強くなると、すぐこれだもの。そんなに支配って楽しいのかしら?」 "As soon as you get a bit stronger, this is what you get. I wonder if domination is really that much fun?"
Haohmaru 「あなたになら、もう一回くらい斬られてみてもいいわね。」 "I'd be willing to let you cut me down one more time."
Hibiki 「好きなだけ、抜けばいいのよ。気持ちいいことだって、知ってるんでしょ?」 "You can pull out as much as you like. You know it feels good, right?"
Iori 「突き刺すような怒りのほとばしり・・・・。痛いくらいに感じたわ。」 "A burst of piercing anger... I felt it so much, it hurt."
Joe 「あなた、激しいのがお好み? だったらもっとイイ所に連れてってあげるわ。」 "Do you like to be fierce? If so, I'll take you to a better place."
Kim 「一途なひとって好きよ。望みを絶たれた瞬間の切ない顔が最高。」 "I like single-minded people. I love the sad look on their faces the moment their hopes are cut off."
King 「気づいてた? 痛みも喜びも、同じ闇にまどろんでるわ。」 "Did you notice? Pain and pleasure, they're all mired in the same darkness."
Kyo 「気取ったってダメよ。あたしから、もう眼をそらせないの。」 "You don't have to be so pretentious. Don't look away from me anymore."
Mai 「ご自慢のカラダ、傷つけちゃってごめんなさいね。」 "I'm sorry for hurting your body, which you're so proud of."
Nakoruru 「雪のような真っ白い心・・・・。なんだか汚したくなっちゃうの。」 "A pure, white heart, like snow... Makes me kind of want to defile it."
Orochi Iori 「ああ、ゾクゾクしちゃうわ。あなたの叫びが心をざわめかせてる・・・・!」 "Oh, I'm getting chills. Your screams are making my heart stir...!"
Raiden 「触れてみて・・・・あたしの命の奥に。恐いほど脈打っているでしょ?」 "Touch me... In the depths of my life. It's terrifyingly pulsing, isn't it?"
Rock 「さあ、翼を休めなさい。イヤな過去も、灰色の未来も、忘れさせてあげるわ。」 "Now, rest your wings. I'll make you forget about your unpleasant past and your gray future."
Rugal 「支配なんて楽しいの? あたしなら退屈で死にそうだわ。」 "Do you enjoy being in control? I would die of boredom."
Ryo 「もったいぶらないで。限界いっぱいまで、出し切っちゃってよ。」 "Don't give yourself airs. You've got to let it all out, to the limit."
Terry 「もう牙は抜けちゃったの? もっと噛み付いてきてもよかったのに。」 "Have you lost your fangs already? You could have bitten me more."
Todoh 「経験なら、たぶんあたしのほうが上よ。もう一度試してみたい?」 "I'm probably more experienced than you. Do you want to try again?"
Vice 「さ、ここからが本番よ。すこし痛いけどガマンしてね・・・・。」 "Now, here comes the hard part. It's going to hurt a bit, but you'll have to be patient..."
Yamazaki 「もっと乱暴かと思ったのに、案外おとなしいのね。」 "I thought you were supposed to be more violent, but you were unexpectedly docile."
Yuri 「あら・・・・逃げ出すことないじゃない。魔界までつきあってくれるんでしょ?」 "Oh... You don't have to run away. You'll accompany me to Makai, won't you?"

Team Interactions (Japanese Version)


Character Japanese Translation
Morrigan 「そんな恐い顔して・・・・何が気に入らないの?」 "Could the reason why you're making such a scary face be due to you... not liking something?"
Akuma 「異形めが・・・・戯れるな!」 "Wretched creature... Do not bother amusing yourself with me!"
Akuma (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Morrigan 「さあおいで、全て受け止めてあげるわ。」 "Now come, I shall embrace all you have to give."
Balrog 「オレの必殺ブローも食らってみるか?」 "Then you should be fine with embracing this killer blow of mine too, right?"
Balrog (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Balrog 「ヘヘ! キレーなネーチャンもいるし最高!」 "Heheh! Having a cutie like this chick around is the best!"
Morrigan 「(・・・・こいつの夢はたいした事ないわね。)」 "(...His dreams are not worth my trouble.)"
Morrigan 「人間がこんなに素敵な遊びをしてるなんて。」 "Who knew humans could be such wonderful playmates?"
Blanka 「アゾビじゃない、いぎのごるダダガイだ!」 "This isn't a kame. It's a vight to the deaf!"
Blanka (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Blanka 「オレほどギョウボウなヤヅはいねえだろ!」 "Dhere's no one as verozhious as I am!"
Morrigan 「あら、魔界じゃよく見掛けるタイプよ。」 "Oh, that's the type I often see in Makai."
Morrigan 「一瞬の高鳴り、切なく響くわ・・・・。」 "What a heartendingly resounding scream in that single moment.."
Cammy 「数少ないチャンスを見過ごすな。負けるぞ。」 "Do not neglect the few chances you have to prevent possible defeat."
Cammy (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Cammy 「戦闘データ蓄積。」 "Combat data has been stored."
Morrigan 「そーゆうチマチマしたのって面白いの?」 "Does that tiny gadget of yours fascinate you by such an extremity?"
Morrigan 「(なんか妙な目線を感じるわ・・・・)」 "(What's this peculiar gaze I sense...)"
Chun-Li 「(......)」 "(....)"
Chun-Li (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Chun-Li 「あなたが負けたのは夢ではないわ、現実よ。」 "Your defeat wasn't a dream, but rather, an actual fact."
Morrigan 「夢なら私が永遠に見せ続けてあげるわよ。」 "And if it's a dream you yearn for, I can place you in one for an eternity."
Morrigan 「そんな弱さじゃ、満足できないわ。」 "Such weakness would never be able to satisfy me."
Dan 「バカヤロゥ! ハングリー精神は重要だ!」 "You fool! A hungry state of mind is important!"
Dan (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Dan 「オレの魂は灼熱の太陽よりも燃えてるぜ!」 "My soul's burning hotter than the scorching sun!"
Morrigan 「どーでもいいけど肩で息してるわよあなた。」 "Not that I mind, but you're awfully close, dear."
Morrigan 「絶望の中で、何を祈るのかしら?」 "I wonder what you pray for in the midst of despair?"
Dhalsim 「たとえ漆黒の闇に抱かれようと希望はある。」 "There is always hope to be found, even if you were lost in the darkness."
Dhalsim (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Dhalsim 「雑念煩悩を捨て、心清らかとなるが悟り。」 "It would do you well to cast aside all worldly thoughts and anxieties, and reach enlightenment."
Morrigan 「楽しいことも捨てるの? 信じられないわ。」 "Are you going to throw away all the fun? I can't believe you."
E. Honda
Morrigan 「たっぷり楽しんだんだから、満足よね?」 "We should be satisfied after having our fill of excitement, right?"
E. Honda 「こっちもいいケイコになったわい!」 "This match proved to be good practice for me!"
E. Honda (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
E. Honda 「いやはや、勉強になり申した!」 "Well, that was a learning experience for me!"
Morrigan 「今度はあたしが教えてあげる。色々とね。」 "I'll be teaching you this time. I'll teach you a lot of things."
Morrigan 「見込み違いだったかしら。つまらないわ。」 "That performance threw out any expectations I had. How dull."
Eagle 「どうやら私とデュエルをお望みのようだ。」 "It appears to be the case that you are eyeing for a duel against me."
Eagle (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Eagle 「この最後の一撃・・・・至福だ。」 "This last blow... Blissful."
Morrigan 「あら、そんなので満足なの? 淡白なのね。」 "Oh, you're satisfied with that? It was a little plain, don't you think?"
Morrigan 「なんだか眠くなってきちゃったわ。」 "I've grown heavy-eyed from the looks of things."
Guile 「やる気がないのなら戦列を離れろ。」 "Leave the battlefield if you lack your purpose to be here."
Guile (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Guile 「何故、女のお守りをせねばならん・・・・?」 "Why must I be the bodyguard for this woman...?"
Morrigan 「あら、いつそんなこと頼んだ?」 "Oh my, whenever did I ask that request from you?"
Morrigan 「しばらくコッチで暮らそうかしら。」 "You know, perhaps I shall live here for awhile."
Ken 「おっと、オレの家には来ないでくれよ!」 "Just don't get any funny ideas about staying at my place!"
Ken (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Ken 「やりすぎたか・・・・誰か起こしてやれよ!」 "Think I overdid it... Hey, someone wake them up!"
Morrigan 「あたしは寝ている方が都合いいんだけど。」 "I'd rather be asleep myself right now."
Morrigan 「やりたいようにやるのが、一番でしょ?」 "Is it not best to do as much as one desires?"
Kyosuke 「最低限のモラルは守っていただくよ。」 "Just keep your morality in check while you're at it."
Kyosuke (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Kyosuke 「だ、大丈夫、僕は怪我してないよ・・・・。」 "No, I'm fine, I'm not hurt..."
Morrigan 「わからないわよ? 脱いで調べてみないと!」 "You don't understand, do you? I should undress you and find out!"
M. Bison
Morrigan 「みんな必死ね。そんなに負けるのが嫌なの?」 "Everyone's giving it their all out here. Do they detest losing this much?"
M. Bison 「敗北は絶望を意味する。この私の前ではな。」 "Defeat spells out despair when it is I who delivers it."
M. Bison (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
M. Bison 「私の思い通りにならぬ世界などない!」 "There is no world that is not as I see fit!"
Morrigan 「どうかしら・・・・悪夢の中でも強がれる?」 "I wonder... Can you be really be strong even in a nightmare?"
Morrigan 「あーあ、思ったより退屈だわ。」 "*sigh* This is more boring than I first assumed it would be."
Maki 「じゃ、帰れば?」 "So, what's stopping you from calling it a day?"
Maki (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Maki 「はあ・・・・もう汗ダクダク。疲れたー。」 "Oh... I'm already sweating. I'm so tired."
Morrigan 「どうせならもう一汗、かかない?」 "Then why don't you work up another sweat anyway?"
Morrigan 「暇つぶしのつもりだったけど・・・・。」 "I was just trying to kill some time..."
Morrigan 「もうちょっと人間界で遊ぶのもよさそうね。」 "It would be nice to have a little more playtime in the human world."
Morrigan 「作戦? 関係ないでしょ、黙っててよ。」 "Strategy? That has nothing to do with this, so keep quiet."
Rolento 「上官に向かってその態度は何だッ!!」 "What nerve you must have to use such language towards your superior!!"
Rolento (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Rolento 「世界統治、国家新造! 夢は無限だッ!!」 "World domination, the building of a new nation! Dreams are limitless!!"
Morrigan 「質より量といえなくもないけど。」 "It could be said that quantity is better than quality, though."
Morrigan 「チョいじゃない、格闘なんて。」 "Fighting sure isn't easy."
Ryu 「強いヤツはまだまだいる。気を抜くな!」 "We have more formidable foes waiting ahead. Don't lose focus!"
Ryu (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Ryu 「拳と拳のぶつけ合い・・・・燃える!」 "The clash of fist against fist... I'm all fired up!"
Morrigan 「あたしは肌と肌の触れあいのほうがいいわ。」 "I'm more into the feel of skin to skin."
Morrigan 「この先どんな夢に出会えるのか、楽しね。」 "I look forward to seeing what dreams await me."
Sagat 「凄惨な悪夢も覚悟しておくんだな。」 "Prepare yourself in the case of a ghastly nightmare coming to reality."
Sagat (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Sagat 「いかなる牙も爪も、この帝王には敵わぬ!」 "Any fangs and claws are no match for this emperor!"
Morrigan 「へえ・・・・たとえ相手が、魔界の王でも?」 "Hey... Even if the opponent is the king of the demon world?"
Morrigan 「もっとオンナの魅力を有効に使わなきゃ。」 "You have to work your female wiles some more."
Sakura 「そっちの修行は後回しですっ!」 "I'll leave that training for later!"
Sakura (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Sakura 「勝ったよ! 約束どおりあなたの技教えて!」 "I won! Now teach me your moves as promised!"
Morrigan 「いいけど、子供には刺激が強すぎるわよ?」 "Alright, but you know it's too stimulating for kids, right?"
Morrigan 「これは幻覚なんかじゃないわ。」 "This isn't an illusion you're seeing."
Vega 「痛みと震えの陶酔・・・・死の現実だ!」 "The intoxication of the pain and trembling you're feeling... It's the mark of death!"
Vega (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Vega 「これしきの戦慄を畏れるのか? 無様な!」 "Do you truly fear this trifling amount of shivering? How pathetic!"
Morrigan 「じゃあ次はもっとスゴいの見せてくれない?」 "Then why don't you show me something more amazing next time?"
Morrigan 「お子様には目の毒だったかしら?」 "Perhaps my exhibition was a tad bit difficult on the eyes for you boys?"
Yun 「そのケバケバしさに、多少はね。」 "When you put it like that, I guess so."
Yun (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Yun 「退屈なら、あんたがとどめを刺しなよ。」 "Just end it already if you're bored."
Morrigan 「どっちかって言うと、あなたと遊びたいわ。」 "I would much rather find excitement playing with you if given the choice."
Morrigan 「みんな似たような戦い方でつまんないわね。」 "It's incredibly dull with how everyone's fighting similarly here."
Zangief 「何を! オレの技はバリエーション豊富だぞ!」 "How could you say that! My techniques are flourished with variation!"
Zangief (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Zangief 「見よ!! 男の魅力全開!!」 "Behold!! The charm of a man at full power!!"
Morrigan 「・・・・なんか気分がすっかり萎えちゃったわ。」 "...I'm feeling all deflated."


Character Japanese Translation
Morrigan 「やっと本調子が出てきたところなのに。」 "What terrible timing. I finally got in the groove of things, too."
Athena 「え!? 今より過激になるんですか!?」 "Huh!? Are you saying you could've been even more extreme with your actions!?"
Athena (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Athena 「フウ・・・・ちょっとパワー使いすぎたかも。」 "Phew... I may have overdone it with using my powers."
Morrigan 「こっちにいらっしゃい。癒してあげるわ。」 "Come over here. Allow me to ease your fatigue."
Morrigan 「物足りないわ。あなた、次に遊ばない?」 "What a letdown. I hope you're willing to play with me next?"
Benimaru 「敵の次は仲間を食っちまう気かい?」 "So you're in the mood of feasting on your allies after your foes, huh?"
Benimaru (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Benimaru 「お楽しみは優勝の後だ! それでいいかい?」 "The excitement can be spared for when we've won this tournament. Does that sound good to you?"
Morrigan 「あんまり待たせるなら今奪っちゃうわよ。」 "If you're going to make me wait that long, I might as well take what I want now."
Chang & Choi
Morrigan 「私が最高の世界に連れて行ってあげる。」 "I'll bring you all to the most splendid world of them all."
Chang 「オレたちも、お、お願いしまッス!」 "Pl-please take us along with you!"
Chang & Choi (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Chang 「ほ、ほ、ほうびは、ね、ね、ねーのか!?」 "T-t-this means we won't be getting our reward, d-d-doesn't it!?"
Morrigan 「焦らないで。今夜のお楽しみよ。」 "Take your time. You're in for a treat tonight."
Morrigan 「壊れそうなほど張り詰める・・・・この快感!」 "How pleasant it feels... to push something to the verge of breaking!"
Geese 「じきに慣れる。ここはそういう場所だ。」 "You'll get used to this sensation soon enough. It's just how this place works."
Geese (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Geese 「恐れるものなど、私にはない!」 "I'm afraid of nothing!"
Morrigan 「だったら今夜、どう? 魔界へ案内するわ。」 "Then how about I guide you down to the Demon Realm tonight and see if your words ring true?"
Morrigan 「死のスリルがあるから、燃えるのよね。」 "The thrill of possible death enthuses me to no end."
Haohmaru 「勝負ってのはいつも命のやり取りよ。」 "A fight has always had lives on the line."
Haohmaru (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Haohmaru 「おりゃあッ! 魂ごと、真っ二つだぜ!」 "Have at it! I've split your soul clean into two!"
Morrigan 「そんなことしちゃ、もったいないわ。」 "Nobody's ever good when they're left incomplete."
Morrigan 「つまんなさそうな顔やめて、楽しまなきゃ。」 "You can stop it with the bored look on your face. Live a little."
Hibiki 「努力は、しているのですが・・・・。」 "I am trying to..."
Hibiki (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Hibiki 「そ、そのような色身絡・・・・謹んでください。」 "T-that kind of dress is... I'd appreciate a little more discretion, please."
Morrigan 「あら? あなたにも必要になるわよ?」 "Ara? Don't you think you'd look good in this too?"
Morrigan 「ねえ、なぜ黙ってるの?」 "So, why are you keeping quiet?"
Iori 「・・・・話すことなどない。」 "...Because I have nothing to say to you."
Iori (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Iori 「地獄の苦しみ、噛み締めるがいい!」 "Show me the kind of suffering that Hell can bring!"
Morrigan 「それとも、恐いくらいの悦びがいいかしら?」 "Wouldn't you rather experience the heights of rapture instead?"
Morrigan 「昇りつめるには刺激が足りないわね。」 "There's not much excitement in rising to the top, is there?"
Joe 「鼻血くらい出して欲しいのか?」 "What, were you expecting a nosebleed from all of this or something?"
Joe (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Joe 「お天道様より高く蹴り上げてやるぜ!」 "I'm gonna' kick your ass higher than Heaven itself!"
Morrigan 「その後は悪夢の渦に落としてあげるわ。」 "Afterwards, I'll drop you into a vortex of nightmares."
Morrigan 「もっと面白い遊びはないかしら?」 "Are there not any other diversions that would be more amusing?"
Kim 「遊び? 困るな、真面目に戦いたまえ!」 "Diversions? Forget that, and focus on our fights instead!"
Kim (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Kim 「誠実! 誠意! そして正義! 大切ですよ!」 "Sincerity! Faith! And justice! They're important!"
Morrigan 「サキュバスのあたしには関係ないわね。」 "I'm a succubus, so none of those things are my concern."
Morrigan 「もっと潤ってから倒そうと思ったのに・・・・。」 "But I wanted to get in the finishing move as my body was abound with more moisture..."
King 「そんな回りくどいことしてらんないよ!」 "Just come out and say what you really mean!"
King (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
King 「まあ、こんなところで懲りただろう。」 "I'm guessing you guys have wisened up to your state of affairs now."
Morrigan 「やめちゃうの? 食べ残しはよくないわ。」 "You're letting them off? It's not good to leave behind leftovers."
Morrigan 「夜はまだ始まったばかりよ。」 "The night has only begun."
Kyo 「せいぜいいい夢見させてやりな。」 "You better show me something good in my dreams tonight."
Kyo (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Kyo 『あんたどっちの味方だ? 敵を誘惑しろよ!』 "Just whose side are you on here? Seduce the enemy!"
Morrigan 「あら、カワイイ坊やなら誰でも歓迎なのに。」 "Oh, I'll welcome any cute boy."
Morrigan 「解った? 敵はこうやって落とすのよ。」 "See? This is how you bring down your enemies."
Mai 「それはどーも、ご親切に!」 "Thanks a bunch. That's kind of you!"
Mai (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Mai 「ハイ! ということで一番の美人決定!」 "Alright! That settles who's the most beautiful amongst us!"
Morrigan 「ちょっと! いつそんなこと決めたの!?」 "Wait just there! When was that even decided!?"
Morrigan 「教えてあげましょうか? 楽しい遊びを。」 "Would you like me to teach you a fun game?"
Nakoruru 「いえ、あの・・・・また今度・・・・。」 "Erm... Maybe next time..."
Nakoruru (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Nakoruru 「大自然の、おしおきです!」 "This is Mother Nature's punishment!"
Morrigan 「あら恐い。おしおきされちゃうわよ♪」 "Oh, how scary. You're about to be spanked! ♪"
Morrigan 「一生は短いわ。好きなことしないとね。」 "Life's a fleeting dream, don't let it go. You gotta make the most of it, you know."
Raiden 「そうだ! 俺の生きザマを見ろ!」 "Yeah! Just look at how I've been living my life!"
Raiden (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Raiden 『こっちのレスラーは1人じゃないぜ。なあ?』 "I'm not the only wrestler here. Isn't that right?"
Morrigan 「・・・・? あたし!? 勘違いしてない!?」 "...? You mean me!? Aren't you mistaken here!?"
Morrigan 「飽きてきちゃった。ねえ君、遊ばない?」 "I'm tired of all this. Say, won't you be interested in playing with me?"
Rock 「・・・・よ、よせよ。次の試合に行こうぜ。」 "...N-not interested. Let's go to the next match."
Rock (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Rock 「相手を貫く一瞬、俺の中で翼がはためく。」 "I can feel my inner wings flutter when I've pierced through my foes."
Morrigan 「カッコいいわ、坊や。楽しみが増えたわね。」 "You're a captivating one, boy. My expectations from you have grown."
Morrigan 「魂は奪えなかったけど、ま、いっか。」 "I couldn't steal their soul, but it's nothing to cry over."
Rugal 「エサはいくらでも群れているからな。」 "You have your choice of fodder to vent out on."
Rugal (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Rugal 「全世界はいずれ我が掌中となる!」 "Everything before me in this world will all eventually become mine!"
Morrigan 「あなたもそういうのが望み? 下世話ね。」 "So you're another one with such ambitions? It's such a played-out phrase."
Morrigan 「ああん、もう! いいところで止めないで!」 "I can't believe you people! Don't leave me alone while it was finally getting good!"
Ryo 「あんた、うちの妹に変な事は教えるなよ!」 "You better not go and teach my lil' sis any strange things!"
Ryo (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Ryo 「あ! しまった、気絶させちまった・・・・。」 "Ah, crap! I made them pass out..."
Morrigan 「ありがと。あたしには都合いいわ。」 "Thanks. This works out for me."
Morrigan 「こんな試合なんかやめて、遊びましょ。」 "Let us leave this match be, and indulge in some playtime."
Terry 「遠慮しとくよ。悪い夢を見そうだ。」 "I'll pass on that. I get this feeling that the only thing awaiting me is a nightmare."
Terry (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Terry 「これが餓狼の強さだ!」 "That was the strength of a hungry wolf!"
Morrigan 「あらそう・・・・狼男ほどじゃなさそうだけど。」 "Deary me... Such a shame it didn't amount to that of a werewolf."
Morrigan 「あん、もっと激しいのが欲しいわ!」 "Oh brother, I'm hoping you can provide me with more excitement than that!"
Todoh 「こりゃッ! なななんと破廉恥な物言いだ!」 "What in tarnation! H-H-How could you say such shameless things!"
Todoh (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Todoh 『軟弱者が! みっちりしごいてやる!』 "You're weak! I'll work you hard!"
Morrigan 「最後の最後まで、搾り取ってあげるわ。」 "I'm going to squeeze every last drop out of you!"
Morrigan 「美味しかった。まだ遊びましょう。」 "That was absolutely divine. Let us indulge in some more playtime soon."
Vice 「あたしの楽しみ、奪うんじゃないよ!」 "Don't go hogging all the fun for yourself!"
Vice (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Vice 「耐え切れずに漏らす悲鳴が好きなのさ!」 "I just love the screams they let out when they can't take it anymore!"
Morrigan 「なーんだ。あんた、ただのサディストね。」 "What's going on with you? I can't believe how sadistic you would be."
Morrigan 「ただ倒すだけなんて、つまんないわ。」 "It's so dull to simply defeat someone."
Yamazaki 「おおよ! 全身バキ折りにしねえとな!」 "I know just the thing you need! You gotta fold 'em up till they're about to burst!"
Yamazaki (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Yamazaki 「殺るか殺られるか? オレは殺る一方だ!!」 "Kill or be killed? Either way, I'm gonna kill your ass!!"
Morrigan 「あたしとも、やってみる・・・・? フフ・・・・。」 "Do you want to try it with me...? Hmhm..."
Morrigan 「・・・・? なにジロジロ見てんの?」 "...? What are you staring at?"
Yuri 「そのコスプレ、よく出来てるッチね!」 "I'm only admiring how well done your cosplay is!"
Yuri (Morrigan as 2nd Character)
Yuri 「あたしたちセクシーボンバーズ、いえーい!」 "We're sexy bombers. Yeaaah!"
Morrigan 「・・・・あなた、セクシーの意味わかってる?」 "...Do you even know what the meaning of sexy is?"

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

  • "Come at me together or one at a time. It doesn't matter. I will still suck your life from you."
  • "Don't tremble in fear. Release your power and let the darkness seep in!"
  • "Hee-hee! I've taken a slight liking to you, I believe."
  • "How does it feel to fall down? Does it feel as good as you thought it would?"
  • "I don't really care about what's "good" and what's "bad." I only care about enjoying myself."
  • "I think we are in for one enchanted evening, [partner]. Shall we go?"
  • "If you want to do it, you should do it. There's no crime in doing something that feels good, is there?"
  • "What I want is your soul, burning with the passion of a thousand lovers. Diamonds are for tawdry beings."

Quotes against specific characters

Condition Quote
Defeating herself "It's just attack after attack with you. It makes a girl want to find someone else to have fun with."
Defeating Alex "It's wrong to hold back. Shall I stand still so you can hit me with a real punch?"
Defeating Batsu "I want to see your tears and hear your shouts of anger! Everything that is yours, I will make mine!"
Defeating Casshern "Oooh... I wouldn't move if I were you. It's so difficult trying to find the balance between pleasure and pain."
Defeating Chun-Li "Come sink down with me under a sea of pleasures. I'll show you a world without anger or sadness..."
Defeating Doronjo "You look like a girl who knows what a good time is. Care to join me in the world of nightmares?"
Defeating Frank West "Why use a lens to take me in? Come over here and I'll show you something that you could never hope to capture on film."
Defeating Gold Lightan "I find the discrepancy between your physical size and your ambitions to be so disappointing."
Defeating Ippatsuman "I'd like to see you shed that crude exterior so I can get to know the real you."
Defeating Joe the Condor "Ooh, I can see frustration pent up in your eyes. It gives me chills. Don't stop... Keep staring at me with those big, angry eyes..."
Defeating Jun the Swan "Do you even know anything about pleasures of the world of darkness? Very well. Let me show you."
Defeating Kaijin-no-Soki "I have no problem if your dreams are the only thing that keeps you going. As long as you're never bored..."
Defeating Karas "What? You don't want me to see what's inside that armor? That just makes me want to try harder."
Defeating Ken the Eagle "It must feel great a relief to see yourself stripped of all your beliefs. It's like peeling off layer after layer of skin."
Defeating Megaman Volnutt "Do you see how quickly your hopes and dreams can be shattered by one such as me?"
Defeating Polymar "Please, enough of all this boring talk. Why don't you just focus on what makes you feel good?"
Defeating PTX-40A "How can you sleep in an iron cage like that? My body would do a better job of keeping you warm."
Defeating Roll "You're a tad too young to have fun with, dear. I'll check on you again once you're more developed."
Defeating Ryu "Don't you want to lie down and go to sleep? You must be oh so tired from your endless travels."
Defeating Saki "Taking something from someone is another way to show you love them. Now, aim that gun at my heart and pull the trigger."
Defeating Tekkaman "You are quite the tenacious one. It's a good thing we have all night for you to expend your energy."
Defeating Tekkaman Blade "I can rid you of your human woes. Allow me to strip you of all your pain."
Defeating Viewtiful Joe "I had such high hopes for you, especially after Alastor's words of praise."
Defeating Yatterman-1 "If you're done playing hero now, maybe I can show you how to really have a good time."
Defeating Yatterman-2 "Such a pure and innocent child... Would you like a little taste of the dark side? Just one little scratch and you'll be in a world of pleasure."
Defeating Zero "Release all the passion you've jailed inside yourself. Lay your inner workings bare before me..."

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds/Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  • "Aw, don't be afraid. I'll be ever so gentle..."
  • "I could use a nice plaything like you."
  • "I sense a strong power gathering. Looks like tonight won't be so boring after all!"
  • "I'm so glad you wanted to take me on, but you didn't have what it take to truly satisfy me."
  • "Mmm, that really did not satisfy my urge. I'm going to have to look for someone else to take care of me."
  • "Mmm, that was fun. Let's do that again."
  • "They say I get around. But it's so boring staying around the house all day. Don't you think?" (Ultimate only)
  • "Trust me, I'm not as delicate as I might look. I might be the one who ends up breaking you in half." (Ultimate only)

Quotes against specific characters

Condition Quote
Defeating Ghost Rider (Ultimate only) "All I can see in your soulless eyes is myself. You have no soul worth charming, or even destroying."
Defeating Phoenix (Jean Grey) "Strip away those inhibitions and let your true self out. There is no shame in that."
Defeating Phoenix Wright (Ultimate only) "I see you like to run your mouth. I wonder if you can use it for anything else."
Defeating Shuma-Gorath "My, what strong tentacles you have. I hope the party is just getting started."
Defeating Wolverine "You have a beastly charm I just find so, so intriguing."
Defeating X-23 "Such a pure and chaste spirit. Oh, the ways in which I could corrupt you..."

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

  • "A whole new world filled with the likes of you... How thrilling. I wonder which of us will break first?"
  • "Desire knows no words. I get it, darling, I get it."
  • "Now that you've got me all warmed up, can you handle what comes next?"
  • "Relax, this'll just sting a little. What's a moment of pain in exchange for eternal pleasure?"
  • "Sweet dreams, cutie. See you there."
  • "You were OK, but I've had better. A night with me deserves a little more effort!

Quotes against specific characters

Condition Quote
Defeating Frank West "Why settle for cold, hard photographs when you could have warm, soft me? You'll find I'm a lot less...flat."
Defeating Ghost Rider "You really know how to set a girl on fire. Take me on another ride sometime, dear."
Defeating Jedah "All these years and you haven't changed your tune. Save your salvation for some other girl."
Defeating Thor "Done already? Where's your stamina? You've spent too long gripping your hammer."



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