Lord Raptor or Zabel Zarock as he's referred to in the Japanese version of the series, is an undead rock star. He has appeared in the Darkstalkers series since the beginning and in every sequel and upgrade since. Outside of Capcom's own franchises, he has appeared in Namco x Capcom and Project Cross Zone.

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors[]

Darkstalkers The Night Warriors Lord Raptor win portait
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Darlstalkers: The Night Warriors[]

  • "You should thank me. That broken face is very becoming on you."

Vampire: The Night Warriors[]

  • "As if I could afford to die even more, baby!!"
  • "Did my performance make you weak in the knees? It's okay just soak it in!"
  • "Did you actually think you could win? He he he. You are a fool!"
  • "Have you been putting yourself on a crash diet? You're looking a little pale! Ha ha ha!!"
  • "Ha ha ha!! I like that look on your face right now. It really suits you!"
  • "How about a duet some time? Of course, I'd be singing the main part!!"
  • "'A rotting zombie is still a zombie,' as they say! Ha ha ha!!"
  • "I am the Emperor Zabel Zarock! No one stands a chance against me!!"
  • "I have no words of pity for you, but I still say this: 'Eat that!' Ha ha ha!!"
  • "I'll take your silence as an indication of your awe. Sorry, but I don't give out autographs."
  • "I've actually come to like you quit a bit. You feel so good when I'm cutting you up!"
  • "I've had enough. I feel like I'm hitting my own face here."
  • "Let my shouts drive you crazy, baby!!"
  • "The gates to hell are right in front of you, baby!!"
  • "There's not enough room in this word for two Zabel Zarock's."
  • "This is The End!!!"
  • "What are you, a heckler? Ha ha ha!!"
  • "What was the proverb? 'Spend 3 years underground?' Ha ha ha!!"

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge[]

Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge Lord Raptor Wining Portrait
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Condition Quote
Winning with low health "A good attempt, but road to the netherworld is paved with good attempts."
Winning with medium health "Losing to me is as inevitable as death itself!"
Winning with high health "Bah! I should not waste my time on such inferior opponents!"
Winning against self "A knave Raptor sent against me, Lord Raptor. You must be joking!"

Darkstalkers 3[]

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Darkstalkers 3 Lord Raptor Winning Portrait

All of Raptor's winquotes are consistent across Japanese and English, with only modifications to fit letter limits, or to make it fit with his character more.

Original quote Translation from Japanese In English / English equivalent
"アンコール? なんべん死んだら気が済むんだァ?" "An encore? How many times do I have to kill you?" "Encore? how many time do you have to die?"
"聞こえるか? 絶望のギター! 泣かせるフレーズだゼェ!!" "Can you hear my Guitar of Despair? This phrase is a real tear jerker!!" "Can you hear it? It's my song of pain! It'll make you cry!"
" ヘイ、スイートハート! オマエのためなら死ねるゼイ!" "Hey, sweetheart! I wouldn't mind dying for you!" (Winning against Hsien-Ko) "Hey sweetheart! I die for you!"
"アンタ、死んでる場合じゃネェぜ!" "Hey, this is no time to be dead!" "Hey you! Get up! Don't die yet! The fun's just beginning!"
"今日も元気に死んでるゼェー!!" "I'm dead and loving it!!" "I'm dead and lively as usual!!"
" お名残惜しいがフィナーレだ! とっとと人生の幕を降ろしな!!" "It's a bit of a shame, but it's time for the finale! Let the curtain fall on your life!!" "It's time for your finale! I don't want an encore!"
"バックコーラスがないとノレねェ!! しっかり叫びなァ、ヒャッハァ!!" "It's just not the same without background vocals!! You'll scream all pretty for me, won't ya? Ha ha!!" "I need backup to get in the mood... More scream!!"
" ダメだ! オマエのビートにゃ 血が通っちゃいねェ!" "Nope, no good! Your beat just doesn't have any life to it!" "This's bad! You've got no pulse, soul or rhythm!"
"俺の相棒ル・マルタをよろしくな! けっこうキレるヤツだゼ!" "Say hello to my little friend! His name's Le Malta, and he's pretty cool!" "Say hello to my buddy, Le Marta! He's a sharp guy!"
"ショウターイム! モノホンの切断マジックだゼェ!!" "Show time! For my next act, I'll cut you in half!!" "It's show time! A decapitation magic, for real!"
"シャラーーーップ! 死ぬ時くらい、静かにしてな!" "Shut up! Can't you at least die quietly?" "Shut up! You're supposed to be dead!"
"地獄に落ちろだァ!? 今そこから来たばかりだぜェ!!" "What do you mean, 'Go to hell?' I just came from there!!" "What? Go to hell!? I just came back from there!!"
"死ぬ時ゃ死ぬんだ! 俺にとっちゃ大した事じゃねェ!" "When it's your time to die, it's your time to die! Personally, I don't see what the big deal is!" "Everyone has to die sometime! I just speed it up for them!"
"良く言われるぜ、オメエは「骨のある奴だ」ってなァー!!" "Yeah, I get a lot of people telling me I've got quite the spine!!" "People tell me I'm the man of backbone!"
"ノー・フューチャーだゼ!" "You have no future!" "You had no past, now you have no future!"
"地獄の亡者と悲鳴でハモりなァ!" "Your screams will harmonize well with those of the souls in hell!" "Scream in harmony with the devil's choir!"



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