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Lilith was first introduced in Darkstalkers 3 (also known as Vampire Savior). She was later playable in Vampire Savior 2.

In the original console port of Darkstalkers 3, there is an alternate version of Lilith who uses Morrigan's costume colors and voice. This version of Lilith retains the same move set. In Marvel vs. Capcom an altered version of Morrigan using wearing costume colors similar to Lilith's is a playable hidden character.

Darkstalkers 3 (Vampire Savior)[]

DS3 Moves Lilith.png
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Command normals Input Notes
High Jump Down.gif and Left Up.gif, Up.gif or Right Up.gif
Innocent Hug Left.gif or Right.gif+MP or HP Up close
Childish Drop Left.gif or Right.gif+MK or HK Up close
Special moves Input Notes
Toe Pierce ES Up.gif+P or K Pursuit
Soul Flash ES Down.gifRight Down.gifRight.gif+P Usable in air
Shinning Blade ES Right.gifDown.gifRight Down.gif+P GC
Merry Turn ES Down.gifLeft Down.gifLeft.gif+K
Mystic Arrow ES Right.gifRight Down.gifDown.gifLeft Down.gifLeft.gif+P
EX moves Input Notes
Splendor Love Right.gifDown.gifRight Down.gif+2K
Luminous Illusion LP, LP, Right.gif, LK, HP Usable in air
Gloomy Puppet Show Left.gifLeft Down.gifDown.gifRight Down.gifRight.gif+2K Requires 2 levels
Dark Force Input Notes
Mimic Doll LP+LK or MP+MK
Mirror Doll HP+HK



DSR Lilith - Character Breakdown

Player Combofiend discusses Lilith's advantages and disadvantages.


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