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Lilith made her debut in Vampire Savior, often referred to as Darkstalkers 3 outside of Japan. She has not made a playable appearance in a fighting game since her debut but an alternate version of Morrigan Aensland with a color pallet resembling Lilith's is unlockable in original Marvel vs. Capcom.

Many of Lilith's quotes make reference to her being a part of Morrigan, and much like the latter, have quotes that are sexually suggestive.

Darkstalkers 3[]

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Darkstalkers 3 Lilith Winning Portrait

Lilith's winquotes are mostly consistent across Japanese and English, with only modifications to fit letter limits, or to make more sense in English. Only one does not have a true English equivalent.

  • "Your puppet strings are just a tease."
Original quote Translation from Japanese In English / English equivalent
"痛いの、キライじゃないよ だんだんキモチよくなってくるもの" "I don't hate pain... it starts to feel good after a while." "I like pain, because it turns into pleasure gradually."
"ひとりはもうイヤ これからずっと、一緒に遊ぼ?" "I don't want to be alone anymore. Will you play with me from now on?" "I don't like to be alone. Will you play with me forever?"
"ずっとこのままなんて、 ヤ 早くホントの体が欲しい" "I don't want to stay this way forever...I want my own body." "I can't stand this! I want my real body!"
"そんなにキツくしたら 壊れちゃうよう……!" "If you hold on too tight, you will break me." "You're so passionate! You're going to consume me!"
"もとある場所に帰るだけ それを望んで、何が悪いの?" "I just want to return to where I belong... is that so wrong?" "I just go back where I belong, what's wrong with that?"
"なにかが溶けていく感じ フワーッとしてすごくイイ気分……" "It's like I can feel something melting away... it feels wonderful." "I feel something is melting inside, so light and great..."
"こういうことって、初めてなの でも……なんだかフシギな感じ" "I've never felt this way before... it feels so strange." "I've never experienced this before but... it feels great!"
"あ……どうしよう こんなに熱くなってきちゃった……" "Oh my...I suddenly feel so warm." "Oh no... why do I feel so... so hot?"
"あったかい…… これが血、これが命なのね" "So warm.. this is blood? This is life?" "It's so hot and sticky. So this is blood? Nice!"
"ね……教えて リリスの知らない楽しいこと" "Tell me something fun that I don't know about." "Please... give me some new information."
"ヤン、くすぐったいよ そんなのじゃ物足りないったら" "Stop, that tickles! That's not enough to satisfy me."
"どうしてやめちゃうの? もっとして欲しいよう" "Why did you stop? I want more..." "Why did you stop? I'm not satisfied yet!"
"リリスとあなた ひとつになっても、きっと大丈夫よ" "You can merge with Lilith, It'll be okay." "Me and you, we can be together... forever!"
"ステキな瞳…… ね、リリスにちょうだい?" "You have such beautiful eyes... can I have them?" "Elegant eyes... Please give them to me!!!"
あなたの血…… キラキラして、とってもキレイね "Your blood... it's sparkly and so beautiful." "Your blood... It glitters with a soft beauty."
"ヘンなの…… ぐったりしちゃってる……フフッ" "You're so funny, lying there all lifeless like that. Teehee" "How strange... It's wilting... Ha! Ha!"



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