Le Malta, sometimes called Le Marta, is a non-playable character that serves as Lord Raptor's ally. He is a small cyclopean and frog-like creature from Makai. He was sent by Ozom to keep an eye on Lord Raptor, but the two became good friends as he became a side-kick to Lord Raptor. Le Malta appears in many of Lord Raptor's attacks and his first appearance was along side Lord Raptor in Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors where he appeared in Lord Raptor's ending.


Lord Raptor' was noticed by Emperor Ozom who turned him as a supernatural being. Thinking that Lord Raptor might betray him of out revenge, Ozom sent Le Malta to keep on eye on him.

After the events of Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge, Lord Raptor arrived at where Ozom's castle once stood but they both found the castle was gone, with an entrance to Majigen, Jedah's realm. Lord Raptor had plans on killing the creator of this realm. Le Malta followed Lord Raptor from behind.

In game

In the original Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, Le Malta only appeared to devour and teleport Lord Raptor for his attack, "Hell Gate." He also appears after Lord Raptor defeats Pyron in arcade mode. In Darkstalkers 3 he was given a bigger role, appearing not only in several intros, taunts and victory sequences but also in Lord Raptor's "Hell Dunk" move as a basketball hoop. He also transforms into a chainsaw for Raptor's Dark Force move, "Ultimate Undead".


Le Malta (OVA)

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  • As seen in Lord Raptors versus intro against Baby Bonnie Hood, it is apparent Le Malta has a crush on her.
  • He is one of the only known Darkstalkers who can move freely between Makai and Earth. The other being Morrigan.


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