Klaus is a character created for the Darkstalkers TV series by Graz Entertainment. He is Victor's assistant and caretaker, he makes his first minor appearance in the first episode Out of the Dark and his first major and last appearance in the episode The Game. He is voiced by Gerald Plunkett.

About Klaus[]

Klaus is a man wearing a butler type of outfit, he is the descendent of Eegore, his family the Shmendricks have served the Gerdenheims for centuries, which Victor's creator, Baron von Gerdenheim, comes from. He lives inside a castle and was greeted by Victor showing up one day in search for Eegore and Baron, he then welcomed him back to his home. In his next appearance he and Victor are preparing an invitational feast for the other good Darkstalkers, only for Morrigan and Demitri to ambush Victor, forcing Klaus to hide. After a lot of shenanigans happening, they manage to defeat the bad Darkstalkers, and greet the good ones farewell as they head back home.



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