Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors[]

Darkstalkers The Night Warriors Jon Talbain win portait
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  • "My power is the fury of the beast. None can overcome it!"

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge[]

Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge Jon Wining Portrait
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Condition Quote
Winning with low health "Your skill is great, but mine is supreme!"
Winning with medium health "You have felt the fury of the beast! Go and lick your wounds!"
Winning with high health "Miserable pup! You are less than a flea to my power!"
Winning against self "Crawl back to your pack whelp! I'm the alpha here!"

Winning quote (Japan)

  • "Compared to the pain in my soul, these scars are nothing."
  • "It's not over yet... not yet! Move faster! Faster!!"
  • "I will use these claws to tear through any wall in my path."
  • "My name is Jon Talbain... the werewolf warrior who is faster than the wind."
  • "Stand up! Throw everything you have at me!"
  • "You must have a deathwish..."

Darkstalkers 3[]

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Darkstalkers 3 Jon Winning Portrait

All of Jon's winquotes are consistent across Japanese and English, with only modifications to fit letter limits, or to make more sense in English.

Original quote Translation from Japanese In English / English equivalent
"……行くがいい おびえる相手をいたぶる趣味はない" "...Go. I have no interest in torturing terrified prey." "...Just go. There is no joy in abusing someone so scared."
"血のたぎりを感じる マグマより熱く煮えている!" "I can feel the blood coursing through my veins. It burns hotter than magma!!" "I can feel my blood boiling, it only brings forth the rage!"
"なにもかも失ったからこそ 今の俺は存在する" "I exist as I am now because I lost everything." "I have nothing to fear, since I have nothing to lose."
"戦い続けるのが俺の運命なら せめて勝利に染めてやる!" "If it is my destiny to keep fighting forever, I will at least fill my life with victories!" "If my fate is to fight, I'll colour it with victory!"
"あんたの自信とやらも このツメに引き裂かれたようだな" "It seems my claws shredded up your confidence too." "Your pride has been ripped apart by my claws."
"俺はもっと疾くなる! そう……光さえも超えてみせる!!" "I will become stronger! Yes... I will surpass light itself!!" "I'll be faster! Yes... I'll obtain lightspeed!"
"早く去れ! この俺が正気を失う前に!" "Leave now! Before I completely lose control of myself!" "Now leave! Before I lose my sanity!"
"過去も未来もない あるのは今、牙をむく一瞬だけだ!" "There is no past or future.. all we have is now, this one moment to bare our fangs!" "There's no past or future, I only live for the fight!"
"俺の中の野生が叫ぶ すべてを裂け駆り立てる……" "The wild beast inside me is screaming for me to tear it all apart..." "The beast within forces me to rip and shred everything!"
"それが命を賭した戦いか? 侮辱もほどほどにしろ!!" "This is your idea of a life-threatening battle? You must be joking me!!" "You risked your life to fight? That is an insult to me!!"
"牙なき者に生きる資格なし!" "Those without fangs do not deserve to live!" "Only those with fangs should survive!"
"お前には俺が何に見える……? 人か? 獣か!?" "What do you see when you look at me? A man? Or a beast!? "What do you think I am? Man or beast?"
"瞳に捉えられるものだけが この世の全てでないと知れ!" "What you can see with your eyes isn't all there is to this world!" "Know that what you see isn't everything in this world!"
"負けを認めるのか? すなわちそれは、命の放棄だ!" "You accept your defeat? That means your life is forfeit!" "You admit you lost? Did you let me win?"
"お前には解るまい 自分が自分でなくなる恐怖が……!" "You could never understand what is is like to live in fear of losing yourself...!" "You don't know what it's like to lose your identity...!"
"……お前ではなかったのか? 俺の魂に呼びかける声は…" "...You weren't the one who has been speaking to my soul...?" "...So it was not you? Whose voice could it be?"



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