John Stately is a character exclusive to the Vampire Savior: Tamashii no Mayoigo manga. Having seen how immoral Jedah Dohma was, Lilith decided to leave Makai. During her travels, she accidentally crashes through John's roof, and he takes her into his house and cares for her. Soon the two grow very close, their relationship going from friends to a loving one, possibly even that of lovers.


John is a kind, lighthearted person who is easy going and friendly. He is a painter. He is also against the idea of people not having the right to chose their own destiny, as he told Lilith that she is her own person, despite having a body that was created by Jedah and originated as part of a soul of another Darkstalker. He is a also a very understanding person, as he knew that Lilith had to leave to the realm that Jedah had inhabited to get souls for his plan.


  • He is a huge fan of Robin Hood and views him as a great hero and inspiration.
  • He is the second major human and first non-supernatural companion to accompany the nonhuman main character(s), The first being Harry Grimoire.
    • In contrast to Felicia and Harry's guardian and child relationship between an experienced Darkstalker and human who is still learning and in training, Lilith and John's relationship is more reminiscent of a "young lovers" one which is common in many shoujo and shounen type stories like this manga. Instead it is the Darkstalker, Lilith, who is still learning more about her surroundings but she also learns from both her human and Darkstalkers friends and even enemies, with John being the person who teaches her how to adapt in the human world and that she can be her own person and has a right to choose her own destiny.
  • John Stately is the third character named John/Jon who comes from Europe with the first being Jon Talbain and second being John, one of B.B. Hood's assistants in her attack "Cool Hunting." He even is from the same country as Jon Talbain, that being England.
    • Since this character originates from a manga, a form of Japanese media, and Jon Talbain in Japan is known as Gallon it is most likely the mangaka was either unaware of one of the main characters having the same or similar name or if they were aware, they felt that giving the character a similar name wouldn't be much of a problem as the two can easily be identified by different spelling and last names.


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