Jack is a character that appears in the non-canon Udon's Darkstalkers comics.


In the first issue of the comic Jack encounters a drunk man who tells rumors about a terrifying creature who butchered the guards chasing her describing the creature as "evil itself". Jack, however, brushes it off and doesn't believe him believing it's just crazy. The man then warns him of Darkstalkers and that some of them can be dangerous if encountered to which Jack laughs it off. Jack then leaves and discovers a girl crying in a cemetery, She introduces herself and addresses her self as Ann she states she lost her husband and her home and she has no money. Jack, feeling pity on the Woman decides to let her stay at his place in which she does. After spending some time together, he offers her his bed to sleep in for the night. Ann thanks him but leaves with a evil smirk. A few hours later, Jack awakes, finding Ann semi-naked and offering to sleep with him, which Jack refuses, claiming that he is flattered that she is attracted to him, but says he would never take advantage of someone else's widow. Ann, believing he is not attracted to her, transforms into multiple women to change his mind. Jack is reasonably bewildered and shocked, and Ann claimed that she just wanted to make him happy and thanks him for being nice to her. Ann then reveals herself to be Morrigan Aensland, the same Darkstalker that murdered those guards. Before a probably shocked Jack can escape, Morrigan approaches and tries to calm him down, claiming that he does not have to be afraid and promising she won't bite.

On the next day, one of Jack's friends comes to his house to wake him up for work, he finds Jack's body as a lifeless and drained husk, much to his horror. Morrigan drained his soul, killing him.

It's later revealed by Morrigan that Jack's soul wasn't destroyed but is inside her body in a state of eternal bliss. Although his body was left as a lifeless husk, his awareness and spirit remains alive and well, giving that before going to sleep Morrigan whispers "goodnight Jack", which shows he is still alive with his soul inside her, albeit unable to escape from her body and experiencing eternal bliss.


Jack was a pretty calm yet naive man, he didn't believe in supernatural things or monsters like the drunk man told, although at heart Jack was shown to be caring before his demise. Jack showed kindness and sympathy towards people in need, such as the woman in the cemetery (Morrigan), even though he didn't know her, he still decided she could stay at his place.

He was also kind of gentleman or honorable, as he turned down Morrigan's offer for sex not because he didn't find her attractive, but rather because he thought she was a widow and thus didn't wanted to take advantage of a widowed woman.

Morrigan genuinely considered him a very nice man and liked him, and saw consuming his soul and making him experience eternal bliss as a reward for his altruism.


  • Jack is a character original from the comics.
  • Despite being killed and his body being left as a lifeless husk, Jack actually remains alive as Morrigan kept his soul and awareness inside her body, and hints that along experiencing eternal bliss he is also aware of the surrounding as Morrigan gently said goodnight to him before going to sleep. However, despite being alive and conscious, Jack is unable to free himself from Morrigan's body and is stuck inside her living in eternal bliss for eternity (or until Morrigan dies).
  • His death is one of the reasons the UDON version of Morrigan became so infamous over time among fans of Darkstalkers.