Irving is a character created for the Darkstalkers TV series by Graz Entertainment. He is Lord Raptor's showbusiness agent who frequently gets threatened by him. He makes his first appearance in the episode And the Walls Come Tumblin Down and reappears in There's no Business Like Dragon Business. He is possibly voiced by Ian Corlett.

About Irving[]

He is first seen in his office with a client of his who is angry with the job she's been given, he begs her not to quit as they would cut off his phone otherwise, but she leaves despite his pleas. Raptor shows up afterwards, and he is forced to tell him they rejected him from his job applications. Which gets Raptor furious as he starts threatening Irv with his life, Irv tells him what he needs is a gimmick but Raptor refuses to listen, and just as he's about to continue assaulting him, his guitar senses a magical trumpet in the desert. Raptor stops the assault and heads off there to bring his new gimmick with him. He also is mentioned in the episode Ghost Hunter, where Raptor can be heard talking to him very upset about his tour in South Africa. He reappears physically in the episode There's no Business Like Dragon Business where Raptor shows up in his office again, furious that he got fired from his Hollywood job and proceeds to attack him, only to then be warped onto Pyron's ship saving Irv once again. He reappears at the ending of the episode telling Raptor he can get him a different job than as a stunt man, but Raptor refuses. He has a frequency of referring to his clients as "Sweety baby" and other similar slang when talking to them.



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