Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge[]

Night Warriors[]

Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge Hsien-Ko Wining Portrait
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Condition Quote
Winning with low health "Close though you may come, you will never defeat us, nor sway our course!"
Winning with medium health "Have a pleasant journey through the 9 courts of judgement!"
Winning with high health "That was too easy! In your next life try defending yourself!"
Winning against self "Return to the darkness shade! We shall not be denied our vengeance!"

Vampire Hunter[]

  • "Aaaaand... you lose!"
  • "Man, this is totally a situation where the phrase "Aiyaa!" comes to mind!"
  • "Oww! That hurt, you meanie!"
  • "What... did you expect me to giggle and squeal "Yatta!" while jumping up and down?"

Darkstalkers 3[]

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Darkstalkers 3 Hsien-Ko Winning Portrait

Hsien-Ko's winquotes are mostly consistent across Japanese and English, with only modifications to fit letter limits, or to make more sense in English. Two of her quotes however are totally reworded in English.

  • "It's time to change the image of Chinese ghosts."
  • "When we're in the mood, no one can stop us."
Original quote Translation from Japanese In English / English equivalent
"中国を誤解しないでよ! あたしみたいのばかりじゃないの" "Don't go getting the wrong idea about China, okay? Not everyone that lives there is like us." "Don't misunderstand, not all of them are like myself!"
"助け合っていこーね、おねーちゃん ……って、聞いてる!? " "Hey sis, we work pretty well together... hey, are you listening?" "Sister, we have to cooperate... Hey, are you listening?"
"ツボにはまると怖いよ あたしたち" "If you catch us at just the right angle, we look really scary!"
"そっちもできたら武器使ってね 反則負けなんてヤだから" "If you have any weapons, you should pull them out. I wouldn't want to be accused of cheating!" "Use your weapon if you must. This isn't a street fight."
"結果的にはこーなったけど そんなに悩まなくていーと思うよ" "I know things didn't turn out the way you wanted, but there's no point moping about it." "Results aren't everything. Do not worry so much."
"気分だけじゃなく 体まで腐っちゃいそーだワ" "I'm starting to feel like I'm rotting away..." "My emotions and body are falling apart. Can't you tell?"
"結局こーなるんだからさあ ジタバタすんのカッコ悪いよ!" "Look, we all knew how this would turn out... stop fighting the inevitable!" "You know this would happen. You should not have struggled."
"あたしたちって つくづくついてないのネ……" "Man.. how unlucky are we?" "We're utterly unlucky..."
"死んでても お腹は減るのね……あうー" "Man, I didn't know you still got hungry after you died... Ugh, my tummy's rumbling." "You feel hungry even after you die... Ahhh."
"なんかタイヘンなことに なってるようですが、サヨナラー!!" "Oops... yeah, I didn't mean for things to get out of hand like this... uh... Bye!" "It is so messy here... Time for me to leave!!"
"もーアイヤーとかシェーシェーとか 言ってる場合じゃないワケ" "Sorry, I really don't have time to be spouting off lame quotes like "Aiyaa" and "Xie xie!"
"そう死体死体っていわないでよ けっこー気にしてるんだから" "Stop using the word 'corpse' so much! I kinda like being undead." "Don't call me the living dead. Don't you know that scares me?"
"なんかハリキってますけどぉ だいじょーぶですか!?" "Uhh... are you okay? I think you're trying a little too hard." "You seem to be in high spirits, but are you OK?"
"えっと、あのー…… 生前、お会いしましたっけ?" "Uhm... have we met before? You know... while I was still alive, I mean." "Well, eh... have I seen you before? Before I died, maybe?"
"これでも死んじゃってるワケだし 同情くらいは欲しいよね" "You know I'm dead right? Can I get a little sympathy here? Geez!" "Don't you have any sympathy for the dead?"
"そーいうことするかなーふつー!!" "You know, I saw what you did there.. that really wasn't very nice!" "Ordinary people would not have done that."

Pocket Fighter[]

  • "Don't despair, even after death, you might be happy... Like me!"
  • "I think I lost an iron ball... can you help me find it?"
  • "I wonder if my sister will work hard when we get our job!"
  • "You might think I'm laid back, but I've been through hell!"

Win Quotes (Japanese)[]

  • "I guess you could call this a victory earned through teamwork?"「チームワークの勝利ってやつ?」
  • "I wonder if working a part-time job with you by my side would make it a piece of cake, sister?"「アルバイトでもやっぱりお姉ちゃん楽するつもりなのかなぁ」
  • "We're missing an iron ball... Will you help me out by looking for it?"「鉄球が1個ないんだけど・・・探してくんない?」
  • "Talking like this is really putting me through my paces."「こんなしゃべり方しててもねぇいろいろ苦労してんだよ」

Win Quotes (character-specific) (Japanese)[]

  • "I wonder if he's always had that look on his face since his conception?"「やっぱり、そういう表情してるのってカタチから入るってことなのかなぁ」
  • "Speaking of which, I wonder if the police are hiring people for part-time jobs?"「ところで警察ってのはアルバイトは募集してないのかなぁ」
  • "You... seem to be completely fond of the color red."「キミって・・・つくづく赤色が好きなんだねぇ」
  • "Is this how you treat your old friends once you've become a star?"「どっちかっていうと、スターになって昔の友達に冷たくしてるクチ?」
  • "It's nice every now and then to talk iron ball to iron ball..."「たまにはいいもんだよねぇ鉄球と鉄球で語り合うっていうのは・・・」
  • "Those concealed kunais... It'll be an eternal mystery as to how you never run out of them."「暗器にクナイ・・・、いくら投げてもなくならないのは永遠のナゾだよねぇ」
  • "I'm kinda bit shy to shout out the names of my techniques. How about you?"「技の名前を叫ぶのってちょっとテレるんだけどキミはどう?」
  • "I should've known someone raised in a gorgeous castle couldn't sympathize with how my hunger feels."「ゴージャスなお城に住んでる人にこの空腹はわかんないんだろうねぇ」
  • "I often see people who wear your clothes. I guess it's merely a popular fixture."「その服着てる人、よく見るんだけど流行ってるのかなぁ」
  • "Being a jiangshi isn't all that bad. There aren't any tests for me to worry about!"「キョンシーはいいよテストもなんにもないからねぇ」
  • "You're such a meanie for attacking me with animals, but my iron balls are so much cuter!"「ひどいよねぇ、動物で攻撃するなんてアタシの鉄球なんてカワイイもんだよ」
  • "You train with bears? In my case... I suppose I train with pandas."「クマとトレーニングしてるんだって?アタシなら・・・、パンダなんだろうねぇ」


Narrator: "Hsienko and Lin Lin are in search of the Darkstalkers."

Narrator: "But before they can find the Darkstalkers, their money runs out. They are now seeking a part-time job."

Hsien-Ko: "There are no good jobs! I guess the human world is a dull place... Hmm? What's this?"

Hsien-Ko: ""3 meals plus a nap. Only 2 hours of work per day!" This is it! I'll go and see the advertiser, Zangief!"


Hsien-Ko: "I won! Now that I've proven myself, I'd like to have my 3 meals now! If you don't mind..."

Zangief: "Okay, your skill leaves nothing to be criticized. Come with me."

Narrator: "1 month has passed since Hsienko started working at the job advertised by Zangief..."

Mei-Ling: "Wow! She is spinning better than ever..."

Hsien-Ko: "Well, I won't get any salary raise for spinning faster!"

Narrator: "The two have become the stars of a popular Russian circus group."

Narrator: "It seems they have completely forgotten about the Darkstalkers!"

Hsien-Ko: "Perhaps it doesn't make sense for a zombie like myself to say this, but a happy life is better than a long one!"

Pre-boss Dialogue[]

Vs. Zangief[]

Hsien-Ko: "So you are the one offering that killer job?"

Zangief: "Hmm?? Oh, you came for the part-time job."

Hsien-Ko: "Do we really get 3 meals a day with a nap?"

Zangief: "Of course! But I have to test you before I decide... Hee hee hee."

Vs. Tessa[]

Tessa: "I've finally found you! Give me the stick that you've inherited from your family!"

Hsien-Ko: "If you want someone to do you a favor, you'd better be ready to return it. I'm very hungry, you know!"

Tessa: "I don't make enough as a scholar to buy her dinner... I have no choice but to take it by force."

Hsien-Ko: "A battle? Well then, if I win, you have to treat me to two dinners!"

Marvel vs Capcom 3/Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3[]

  • "Have a pleasant journey through the Nine Courts of Judgement!" (same as Night Warriors)
  • "Me and my sis can take on anyone! We got the might for the fight!"
  • "Stop holding back! I know you're stronger than that!"
  • "This isn't magic, it's Senjutsu.... What's the difference? Man, there is no way I could help to explain that here and now."
  • "What else do I have up my sleeves? Nuh-uh! A girl's gotta keep her secrets, y'know!"
  • "Who knew you had that kind of power? I'm impressed!"
  • "You're annoying, but not as annoying as Lord Raptor. Him and his stupid guitar!"
  • "You're pushing me too hard, sis! You don't know what it's like to fight."

Quotes against specific characters[]

Condition Quote
Defeating Arthur "I can't believe I met THE Arthur! You're the most famous demon hunter in the biz! I love all your weapons!"
Defeating Chris Redfield "Stop shooting! I'm not a zombie! I'm a jiang shi! I don't even eat people OR their brains!"
Defeating Deadpool "I am NOT talking to myself. I'm talking to my sister. What's your excuse?"
Defeating Hawkeye "I wasn't expecting you to be so full of suprises. I guess you're thinking the same thing about me."
Defeating Jill Valentine "Hey! What do you have against the living dead anyway? We're not all bad!"
Defeating Nemesis T-Type "Don't laugh, Mei. Not all jiang shi can be as beautiful as us!"



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