Hendrick Farr is a minor character created for the Darkstalkers TV series by Graz Entertainment. He is a werewolf who makes his first and only appearance in the episode Ghost Hunter. He is voiced by Ian Corlett.

About Hendrick[]

Hendrick Farr is a werewolf; half human, half wolf. He is also the CEO of a business known as Land and Ocean investments. In his wolf form he physically looks very similar to Jon Talbain except with different set of pants. His human form was unseen but mentioned. In his sole physical appearance in the series he is seen walking down Clifton Beach in Cape Town South Africa, only to be approached by Hsien-Ko who claims that "he has been found guilty of crimes against humankind" and demands justification for his actions, he responds that he has all the rights to do whatever he wants, with Hsien-Ko then proceeding to attack him with the screen fading to black, and killing him. Felicia and Harry then read an online newspaper stating his body was found by the police who mistook Hsien-Ko for an animal. Other Darkstalkers such as Rikuo or Lord Raptor were sent to investigate the scene only to then run into Hsien-Ko.


  • Dark Talbain who would first appear in Vampire Savior in 1997 has slightly similarly colored pants as Hendrick Farr in his kick palette, fittingly both of them are depicted as more selfish than Jon.
Dark talbain kick color

Dark Talbain's kick color


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