Hairball is a character created for the Darkstalkers TV series by Graz Entertainment. He is am overtalkative young yeti who is the nephew of Bigfoot, he makes his first minor appearance in the first episode Out of the Dark, and his first major appearance in the episode Little Bigfoot's Last Stand. He is voiced by Lisa Harris.

About Hairball[]

In addition to the previously mentioned ones, Hairball shows up in the episode There's no Business Like Dragon Business. In his first appearance he did not display his trademark overtalkative curious nature (at least not to as major of a degree), in his second and most major appearance, he was brought back with the redesigned look the Sasquatches were given in the cartoon that looks more accurate to their game counterparts. In this episode he mailed himself to Harry's house, gets abducted by Pyron and winds up annoying everyone on the ship by bombarding them with questions and messing around with the buttons on the ship. In his final appearance he is snowboarding with Harry when they find a frozen Dragon who they thaw out.

Hairball early design

Hairball and Bigfoot in their original designs in the cartoon

Little Bigfoots Last Stand Hairball outfit

Hairball wearing Harry's clothing



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