"Everyone's a Critic" is the 13th and final episode in the American children's cartoon version of Darkstalkers. This episode introduces the character Terramon, Pyron's brother. It also includes glimpses of every character with the exception of Huitzil (Phobos in Japan) and the Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge cast of Anita (referred to as Amanda), Donovan Baine and Hsien-Ko.


When Pyron's over acheiving brother, Terramon, comes to visit, Pyron must gather his enemy Darkstalkers in order to save the world and his pride.



Terramon, Pyron's brother.



  • Terramon's minions
  • Bishamon (Colin Murdock, silent)


  • Similarly, Udon had incorporated a non-canon family for Pyron in his ending for Capcom Fighting Evolution.
  • This episode features every character from Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors and Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge with the exceptions of Huitzil who only appeared in episode 9, "Alien's Keep Out" and Amanda (known more often as Anita in the video game series).
  • This episode has good guys working along side the bad guys.
  • Terramon's name may be a play on Pyron's name. Pyro is a prefix often used for fire while Terra is used for earth.


  • When Terramon is first introducd to the entire cast, he is colored the same green as his subordinates
  • Despite appearing many times during the banquet, Bishamon is absent the rest of the episode and not given a single speaking role. When Bigfoot is calling out the names of everyone in the room Bishamon is not mentioned, despite being included in the shot. Bishamon is absent entirely when Pyron sends the Darkstalkers back to their homes.
  • Lord Raptor is colored very inconsistently in this episode. He appears to have been drawn by a different animation team entirely in his first appearance; the shading and coloring of his pants changes frequently between shots; and in the scene where Victor electrocutes him, Lord Raptor's fingers on his right hand are yellow while the fingers on his left hand are blue. As he is being shocked, the color of the fingers on both hands fluctuates quickly between yellow and blue, before finally both settling on yellow as Raptor falls to the ground.
  • When the Computer tells Pyron "I can't protect you over there," Demitri's mouth moves as if he is meant to be speaking the line.


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