The Embrace the Dark competition was a contest created to help promote the release of Darkstalkers Resurrection. Beginning from December 14, 2012 12:00 PST to January 20, 2013 11:59 PM PST, it has fans of the series submitting their own hypothetical character for the series.


The rules for the competion was for any entrant residing within the United States, Canada, & the Eurioean Union over the age of 13 to be able to create a unique character. Along with creating a character, the submitter must also provide a general description for the character. While not required, entrants could also expand on details for the character's backstory, information for the type of monster, any form of artwork, etc. It was also possible for the entrants to work either by themselves or with up to three other people. However, entries are only limited to two submissions per person regardless if they are or not working by themselves.

Out of all of the entires, Capcom will select 8 of the entries and rank them on the uniqueness and creative concept based on existing horror and folklore archetypes, the ability to incorporate character’s archetype and background into its fighting style, and the ability to describe the physical appearance through either artwork or text description.

1st Place: One (1) digital file of artwork created by renowned artist Stanley Lau depicting the winning character (estimated retail value (“ERV”) $0); one copy of Lord Raptor statue by Pop Culture Shock (ERV $249.99); and one copy of the Darkstalkers Tribute art book by Udon (ERV $39.99).

2nd – 3rd Place: One (1) copy of Lord Raptor statue by Pop Culture Shock (ERV $249.99).

4th – 8th Place: One (1) copy of the Darkstalkers Tribute art book by Udon (ERV $39.99).


At the end of the competition, there was a total of 800 unique entries, with Yuri Araujo saying that it took many days, multiple meetings and debates to finally decide on the top 8. It was also said that any of the top 8 entries would've easily become 1st place as well as the top 80.


Top 8

Grand Prize

Jerrel Walker, taking home a Darkstalkers Tribute art book, a Lord Raptor statue and having Stanley "Artgerm" Lau draw his character!

Name: "Relic"

Monster Type: Undead graverobber

Fighting Style: Grappler, striker

Description: Undead face (skeletal), wrapped in turban, body is decaying flesh, dressed in Arabic sand attire. Shoulders covered in rusted pauldrons. Legs mummy wrapped. Leather straps with buckles across body. Used to hold weapons collected from warriors graves. Has King Midas' hand attached to his right forearm; still infused with the golden "touch spell" , also carries a still very alive Medusa's head to turn foes to stone upon a gaze.

2nd Place

David Gunawan; prize: Lord Raptor statue

Name: Aria Nightweaver

Monster Type: Arachnid

Fighting Style: Fast, close-combat, kung-fu style

Description: Aria is a sexy-looking spider-woman, with extremely-long hair, and 4 additional arms.

She lives in a cavern under a waterfall somewhere in earth-realm. As a mother of hundreds or maybe thousand children, finding food for them is getting harder in this dark age, preys are getting scarce since they are all afraid of the darkstalkers. One day, she heard about the appearance of a very large bee, "hmmm... a human-sized bee? that sounds delicius" she mumbles.

And so she sets her feet to the outside world to find this nutrious meal for her and her children

3rd Place

Blaine Jarnagin; prize: Lord Raptor statue

Name: Oleloque

Monster Type: Sandman

Fighting Style: Spellcasting/Illusions

Description: Oleloque appears as a young boy in pajamas and a hooded cape, which hides his eye sockets from view. The hood bears the insignia of a crescent moon. Oleloque also wears an hourglass held near his waist by a shoulder strap, and goes barefoot.

4th Place

Calvin Trent; prize: Darkstalkers Tribute art book

Name: Isadora (Izzy)

Monster Type: Ghost

Fighting Style: Bone Attacks

Description: Isadora appears as a young girl with black skin, blonde pigtails, and face paint that resembles a skull. She wears a frilly red, white, and green skirt with a matching top and striped stockings. She also wears red roses in her hair.

Isadora fights by attacking her opponents with various parts of her skeleton. To accomplish this, she breaks open different areas of her skin to allow the bones to come through. The bones can change size and be controlled freely.

5th Place

William Fong; prize: Darkstalkers Tribute art book

Name: Azael

Monster Type: Gargoyle

Full description, background story, ending, and more: http://www.fightersgeneration.com/jet3k-artwork/2013/azael/azael.html

6th Place

Matthew Keene; prize: Darkstalkers Tribute art book

Name: Bogey

Monster Type: Shapeshifter

Description: The hook of this character is Gabriel. No matter what Bogey looks like or what design is decided on, Gabriel is still present. Gabriel doesn't directly affect the battles in anyway, but since Bogey was made from his mind and dreams, they are attached and thus the frightened Gabriel is around for every battle, cowering in fear and jumping around trying dodge and stay out of the way.  I've included a few sketches of how this could work.

7th Place

Sikharin Angry & Anita McCreery; prize: Darkstalkers Tribute art book

Name: Luka Khim

Monster Type: Chimera

Fighting Style: Kickboxinhg / MMA Style

Description: Aesthetic: Wears a lion head hoodie that ends with a serpent tail, on each fist is a goat horn which acts as boxing gloves. Whenever he attacks, those parts physically transform into the animals they represent.

Mannerism: Luka is a very enthusiastic and energetic young boy. He's happy to help those who ask, but often it gets him into trouble. Even so, Luka stays very upbeat.

8th Place

Mark Langston; prize: Darkstalkers Tribute art book

Name: Wendigo

Monster Type: Wendigo

Fighting Style: Stance, teleport

Description: Quite varied in North American lore. 15 feet tall. Long arms. Mouth full of sharp teeth. Patches of rotting fur. Large glowing yellow (or red) eyes. 2-Dimensional (paper thin) so invisible from side view thus able to sneak up on lost travelers in the woods.

I think is a nice idea though I would prefer the head to be part human part stag (or human/bear or human/raven as stance requires).

Character would have 3 stances - Stag, Raven, Bear - with the creature's head morphing to display stance.  Stances can only be changed during teleport.  Player can choose which form emerges from teleport by holding down appropriate button; can also choose where teleport positionally ends. Stag stance is rushdown with sharp lacerating antlers.Bear is grappler great for holding/trapping opponents in corner.  Raven has enhanced aerial skills with some keep away.

Native American mythos says this monster results when a human resorts to cannibalism and becomes possessed by a Wendigo spirit.  He then transforms into a bestial monstrosity with an unending hunger for human flesh. The only way to kill one is to melt its heart of ice.

Honorable Mentions

Here were the honorable mentions for the competition. Note that they aren't ranked like the winners.

1st Honorable Mention

Angus McCoy by Edward Boyd

Monster Type: Minotaur

Fighting Style: Fights with a large mace and power of Disco.

Description: A large Minotaur wearing a light blue rhinestone disco outfit, with a pair of purple round shades and an afro. He wields a two handed Disco-ball Mace.

Hailing from Scotland, Angus used to spend his time guarding mazes as most Minotaurs are prone to do. However one day he discovered Disco, and it changed his life forever. Now he is known as the world's only Disco Minotaur. While the Disco craze eventually died out, Angus devoted his life to traveling the world, spreading his love for Disco all around. Usually in the form of beating people with his mace until they love Disco as much as he does. Aside from using his large mace, he also has an unlimited amount of Disco Balls to throw and can even force other people into dancing against their will.

2nd Honorable Mention

Edith by Jackie Lo[1]

Monster Type: Cecaelia

Fighting Style: Grappler

Description: Edith looks very high-class, in Victorian 1880s fashion, with a corset on top, but no dress underneath--her 'dress' is made up of her tentacles. her neck also has a fancy cloth wraparound (see images). She has eight tentacles--two on her head, one in her mouth, and five on her bottom half. Her hair is curly but part of it is tied into a bun on the back of her head. She has two braids that begin on the side of her head and wraps around the bun. Her pupils are horizontal (like an octopus)

3rd Honorable Mention

Ismael Sanchez by Aitor Iñaki Eraña

Monster Type: Parasite creature

Fighting Style: Long ranged attacks

Description: He appears to be a bulky young man, with short blonde hair and dressed as a farmer. He carries what seems to be an adorable piggy. In reality, both are hosts for a parasite creature that only shows parts of its body when attacking, be it tentacles, insect-like legs and pincers... anything disgusting enough you can think of, appearing from any part of Ismel's and his pet's bodies...

4th Honorable Mention

Pandora by Shirley Lam

Monster Type: Golem

Fighting Style: Magic, zone attack character

Description: Pandora is a female Golem made of earth and magic.While she is resilient her attack style is ground based connected to earth utilizing zone based attacks to inflict and protect herself from enemies.

Pandora is an earth based element creature of mythology. She is forced to awaken to enact her role as a guardian by her creator to protect and preserve the dying landscape from the damaged inflicted by the Darkstalkers on-going battles.

5th Honorable Mention

Sangre Negra by David Torres, Ivan Chacon, Andre Didyme

Monster Type: Beast

Fighting Style: Claws

Description: Sangre Negra is based on the contemporary legend of the Chupacabra or chupacabras, a legendary monster from North, Central and South America. The name Chupacabra comes from the creature’s habit of eat cows, goats and sheep and drinking its blood.  It is supposedly a heavy creature, of small size, with spines reaching from the neck to the tail. The name Sangre Negra (Black Blood) comes from a cruel and infamous soldier from the Colombian guerrilla.

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