Dragon is a character created for the Darkstalkers TV series by Graz Entertainment. He is a good willed dragon who makes his first and only appearance in the episode There's no Business Like Dragon Business. He is possibly voiced by either Dale Wilson or Michael Donovan.

About Dragon[]

Dragon was frozen for a long time until he was found by Harry and Hairball, who with the help of the Sasquatches, thawed him out. He stated he is in search of the grail, an artifact of goodness. Lord Raptor sees this opportunity and tricks him into thinking he's a good guy who's also in search of the grail. This causes him to attack the Sasquatch village and Pyron's ship. Afterwards he searches inside Pyron's collection room only to find Harry who tells him he is a descendent of Merlin, which gets him to regain his trust and realize Raptor has been tricking him. They locate Raptor and he gets beamed alongside him to a film set, where Dragon gets a role as the replacement for the mech dinosaur that Raptor destroyed, while Raptor becomes a stunt man.



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