Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge[]

Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge Donovan Wining Portrait
Condition Quote
Winning with low health (US/Europe) "Your powers are great but my blade shall always prevail!" 「あなたの力は素晴らしいが、私の刃は常に勝つだろう!」
Winning with low health "Repulsive... everything is repulsive!" "いまわしい…… すべてがいまわしい!"
Winning with low health "One more minute... I could maintain my reason for no longer." "あと1分 それが理性の限界だ"
Winning with medium health (US/Europe) "Darkstalkers, now you will feel the wrath of my avenging blade!" 「あなたの力は素晴らしいが、私の刃は常に勝つだろう!」
Winning with medium health "Merely a denizen of the dark... a wretch who cannot live under the sun!" "しょせんが闇の住人…… 陽のもとに出れぬあぶれ者よ!"
Winning with medium health "The sin of slaughtering my own kin... that is my eternal karma." "血族をあやめる罪……それは 永遠につぐなえぬ私のカルマ"
Winning with medium health "Neither this child nor I shall know a night of peace as long as your kind exists." "この子も私も、心安らぐ夜はない お前たちがいるかぎり"
Winning with medium health "I feel no remorse at all. For this is my destiny." "決して後悔はしない これが私の宿命なのだ"
Winning with medium health "You may call my deeds cruel, but if they can bring this grief to an end...." "非道と呼ばれてもいい この悲しみを繰り返さずにすむのなら"
Winning with medium health "Indeed... I feel not a hint of doubt as I bury your ilk!" "そうとも……お前たちを葬るのに
Winning with high health (US/Europe) "The forces of darkness fall easier than I had even imagined." 闇の勢力は、私が想像していたよりも簡単に落ちる。
Winning with high health "I shall do away with every single drop of corrupted blood!" "汚れた血など、一滴残らず消し去ってくれる!"
Winning with high health "By all means, accept your ticket to Hell!" "地獄へのキップ えんりょなく受け取れ!"
Winning with high health "Realize the meaning of your defeat. I shall leave no place for you to dwell." "敗北の意味を理解しろ 生き永らえる道を残してはやらん"
Winning with high health "Return to the void!" "元素にかえれ!"
Winning with low health/Winning against self "The filthy blood that flows through my body... can anyone purify it?" "この体に流れるおぞましい血を 誰が清めてくれるのだ?"
Winning with low health/Winning against self "I shall not fall until I have vanquished all of the darkness." "私は倒されぬ すべての闇をはらうまで"
Winning against self (US/Europe) "Get thee away from me, phantom! There can be only one!" 「私から離れて、ファントム!1つしかありえません!」
Winning against self "...I won't be fooled!" "……だまされぬぞ!"
Winning against self "Your would go that far to ruin my sanity? Dispel this illusion!" "そうまでして私を狂わせたいのか その幻を消せ!"
Unused "Are you concerned about victory, or survival?" "おまえたちがこだわっているのは 勝利か、それとも生存か?"
Unused "You sinister being, you should be ashamed of your existence!" "まがまがしきものよ 存在を恥じよ!"

Darkstalkers 3[]

Darkstalkers 3 Donovan Winning Portrait
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  • "Anita... Is this the future you had been wishing for?"
  • "Are you trapped in the darkness as well? Is this our justice?"
  • "Dream or nightmare, this existence will not deceive me."
  • "For the sake of the blood of humanity, I will never give up!"
  • "I am the hunter who will put an end to the darkness."
  • "If people don't lose their hope, light can still pave the way."
  • "If this is all a dream, there will be no pity and no regrets."
  • "In order to face the darkness, one must start from within."
  • "Is that all?! My mind will remain uncorrupted!"
  • "I will not be forgiven by good or evil."
  • "This trembling is not of dread or joy. Perhaps my cursed blood?"
  • "The world and my mind are lost. You want me to abandon my pride?"
  • "Unless I am put to eternal rest, I will not give up this battle."
  • "What will I think of when I awake from this nightmare?"
  • "When I return, the world shall be radiant with light once again!"
  • "Whether or not evil awaits me, I shall do what must be done."



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