Dhylec (sometimes called Dyrek), is a sword wielded primarily by Donovan Baine. It is a very important weapon as a Dark Hunter, as it is the only weapon that can do significant harm to supernatural beings known as Darkstalkers.


The Dhylec is a broadsword with a 'mouth' near the edge. It appears to have eyes and is known to emit an aura all its own. It primarily levitates behind Donovan, with him sometimes holding the great sword with two hands; other times, he can spiritually command and dictate the trajectory of the great sword. When electrocuted it is shown to have its own skeleton.


Dhylec boosts the abilities and power of anyone wielding it. Coupled with Donovan's own power as a Darkstalker, Dhylec grants Donovan with abilities including but not limited to: conjuring elemental deities, phasing through targets, and overwhelming supernatural beings, bypassing any regenerative and empowering abilities they may have. Dhylec is shown to have a mind of its own as well, following Donovan's command without fail, but complaining if it is planted on the ground for too long. In the realm of Makai, the Sword's magic appears to be even more powerful, as it has the power to harm the nobles of the Makai kingdom, making this sword an effective weapon against supernatural threats.


  • Donovan - The primary and well-known wielder of the blade.
  • Anita - in Marvel Super Heroes she fights with a pink miniature version of Dhylec with a bow on its handle.
  • Akuma - in Street Fighter VS. Darkstalkers comics, Akuma himself was transformed into an incomplete version of his Oni just by using his telekinetic powers to hold the blade. When Donovan became tainted by his inner Darkstalker persona and loses control of his powers, Akuma took it upon himself to wield the blade against Jedah and the Fetus of God.