Demitri Maximoff is the vampire noble from Capcom's Darkstalkers series. He has appeared in every Darkstalkers game. Outside of the Darkstalkers series, he has appeared in SvC: Chaos and in Capcom's own self cross over, Capcom Fighting Evolution (known as Capcom Fighting Jam in Japan).

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors[]

Darkstalkers The Night Warriors Demitri win portait
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  • "Is your blood as thin and weak as you? Let's find out, shall we?"

Vampire: The Night Warriors[]

  • "Can you feel it? It is like a wave of shadow engulfing everything!"
  • "Carve this lesson into your body well... there can only be one victor. Me."
  • "Do you even need to ask who is superior?"
  • "Ha ha. Forgive me. It's just that I find you so amusing."
  • "Ha ha. That was thoroughly enjoyable. A little danger every now and then is not a bad thing."
  • "Hmph. "Defeat" does not suit me."
  • "If you hope to defeat me, you must put your life on the line. That is just proper manners."
  • "I had a nice time, though a little unsatisfying."
  • "I wish I could play with you a little longer. Unfortunately, I am a very busy man."
  • "It is over. You shall have an eternity in hell to regret your actions."
  • "My first battle in a century, and this is all you can give me?"
  • "This is my true strength. You would do well to remember it."
  • "Tonight, I shall make a toast with your blood."
  • "Quite the luck you had on your side... it made for an entertaining evening. Ha ha."
  • "Why don't you give up? Surely you are getting tired of embarrassing yourself by now?"
  • "You made a fine opponent. I honor your effort."

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge[]

Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge Demitri Wining Portrait
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Condition Quote
Winning with low health "You fought nobly and were nobly beaten!"
Winning with medium health "Your blood is even weaker than you! I will not let it stain my lips!"
Winning with high health "Your pathetic attempts to defeat me are truly laughable!"
Winning against self "Fool! There can be only one true lord of the night!"

Vampire Hunter (Japanese)[]

  • "Can you not fathom the full extent of my powers?"
  • "Now, don't be shy. I shall grant you eternal life...!"
  • "Sigh... that messed up my hairdo."
  • "Such an end is most suitable for one who would disturb the peace of the night."
  • "There is no game more entertaining than that which risks your very life."
  • "To challenge me... is naught but foolishness."

Darkstalkers 3[]

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Darkstalkers 3 Demitri Winning Portrait

Demitri's winquotes are mostly consistent across Japanese and English, with only modifications to fit letter limits, or to make more sense in English.

Original quote Translation from Japanese In English / English equivalent
"「絶対」の力は存在するのだよ 例えばこの私がそうだ" "Absolute power does exist. I am it." "I am an example of perfection! Kneel before your master."
"死を賭して戦う…… やはり最高の娯楽だ" "A duel to the death... The greatest form of entertainment." "Fight to live... It's my only amusement."
" もう終わるのかね? 夜はこれからだというのに" "Finished already? But the night has only begun!" "Is it over yet? The night has only just begun."
"偽りの力が本物に勝るはずがない 無礼者め!" "Fool! Fake powers cannot stand up to the real thing!" "Fake power can never beat the real one. You rude fellow!"
" 魔と闇を統べる者 この私こそがふさわしい" "I am the one who is worthy of ruling over the darkness and shadow." "I am the one who rules evil and darkness."
"闇に咲く血の華か…… 存分に愛でてさしあげよう" "Like a flower of blood blossoming in the shadow... I shall tend to you." "A flower of blood blossoms in the darkness. I like it..."
"このひとときが私の人生に 快い彩りを添えてくれる" "It is moments like these that brightly color my life." "This moment colors my life in a comfortable warm red glow."
"狂おしく咲くがいい 真紅に染まる血のバラよ……!" "Oh, roses of crimson blood! Blossom with chaotic frenzy!" "Let the bloody rose bloom dyed in crimson..."
"狂おしき闇の調べ ゆっくりと味わうがよい" "Savor the chaotic lessons of the darkness." "Taste the bittersweet tune of eternal darkness."
"敗者の烙印は君にこそ似合いだ 謹んで受け取り賜え" "The brand of defeat suits you well. Accept it gracefully." "The loser's brand looks good on you. Accept it humbly."
"たとえ君が死力を尽くそうとも 私の勝利は動かんよ" "Try as you might, you will never take my victory from me." "However desperate you fight, my victory does not change."
"えてして敗者は言うものだ こんなハズでは……と" "Yes, yes... 'It wasn't supposed to be like this.' They all say that. How unoriginal." "Losers tend to say "This is not what I expected..."
"自ら招いた結果に憤るなど 愚かさにも程があるというものだ" "You are angry about a fate you brought upon yourself? Your foolishness knows no bounds." "Don't be upset. You brought this on yourself."
"……気に入らんな!" "...You disgust me!" "...I don't like this!"
" ……つまらぬ見世物だ およそ私の気高さにつり合わぬ" "...What a boring little sideshow you are. Hardly worthy of my noble presence."
" 過ぎた夢を見れば その代償も高くつく……" "When your ambitions are too high, you pay the ultimate price..." "An excessive dream can cost you more than you might think!"



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