Dee is a secret character who only appears in Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection.

Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection[]

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  • "I can see a light at the edge of the shadow. I hear a voice telling me to go to it."
  • "I fight in search of a reason to fight."
  • "If our memories are what give our life meaning, what meaningless life do I lead."
  • "I have lost something precious That is the only thing I can remember."
  • "I'm just..tired. I do not have the luxury of growing used to or bored of anything."
  • "I must continue to see it out... though I know I will never find it."
  • "I will quickly forget this encounter too no doubt."
  • "My destiny... though I have taken it on myself, it still eludes me."
  • "My blood must know.. it must know about my past, my present and my future."
  • "Tell me.. who am I?"
  • "The foolishness of constant regret... I am deprived of even that life lesson."
  • "This persistent suffering that I feel... it is the only proof that I exist in this realm."
  • "Truth over hope... Death over peace."
  • "Victory and defeat have no meaning to me... Can you even fathom this strange despair?"
  • "We shall never meet again... at least, from my perspective."
  • "Why do I fight? Why do I not run?"


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