Personal conduct

  • Do not make person attacks. Please keep talks civil. Disagreements do happen but do not let them escalate to threats or personal insults.
  • Do not swear or use discriminatory/hateful language. This wiki is a public site and can be viewed by people of various ages and backgrounds. Strong and inappropriate language is frowned upon.


  • Do not upload images that have nothing to do with Darkstalkers. This is not an image hosting site. This rule goes for profile pages.
  • Do not upload fan art. This wiki only features official artwork.
  • Do not upload personal images. You can easily find a hosting solution for your personal images.
  • Sprites should, for the most part, only be added to sprite specific pages.

Unused photos may be deleted after 30 days.


  • Do not upload videos that have nothing to do with Darkstalkers. Other websites such as Youtube are bettered suited for this.
  • Do not upload unofficial videos. If you would like to add a video to a blog or your user page please use the Youtube tag:
    <youtube>ID code</youtube>

For more information please visit Help:Youtube extension. Unused videos may be deleted after 30 days.

Talk pages

  • Keep on topic in talk pages. Gibberish is never helpful.
  • Talk pages are not for personal discussions. Talk pages are for discussing how to improve articles and give/receive constructive criticism. Do not post if you hate or like a character in talk page.

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