Darkstalkers Volume 6

Darkstalkers Volume 6

The last issue to be published by Devil's Due Publishing, Darkstalkers Issue 6 by Udon Comics was released in April of 2005 and was also the last issue in the Darkstalkers comic series. The series' story would be continued five years later in Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors. The issue, as the previous five were, was written by Kevin Siu-Chong. The artwork was done by Alvin Lee, Joe Vriens, Kevin Lau and Skottie Young whom did the artwork for the Baby Bonnie Hood side story "The Silver Necklace." The final "Darkstalkers Mini" pitted Sasquatch against the Frankenstein monster, Victor von Gerdenheim.

Publisher synopsis[]

"Upon returning to her home in Makai, Morrigan was greeted with the grim news that her father was on his deathbed. Belial revealed to his daughter that his greatest concern was of the chaos that would no doubt befall makai after his death. In order to assuage her father's concerns, Morrigan strengthened her resolve to defeat Demitri. As Morrigan focused her attention on an external enemy, Donovan was struggling with the inhuman blood that flowed through his own veins. While pursuing Bishamon, Donovan almost loses himself to the overwhelming power of his darker side, but Anita reveals a mysterious ability and manages to sustain Donovan's awareness."
–Udon Entertainment, Darkstalkers Graphic File.

Issue Synopsis[]

As Pyron draws closer to Earth, the National Weather Service in Alaska is baffled by the rising temperatures in the arctic region, not knowing what is causing it.

In Scotland, Morrigan arrives at a graveyard to open a gateway to Makai and finds Lucien and Mudo languishing in the dungeons, lamenting her willfulness. Later, Belial is admonishing Morrigan for disobeying his order not to visit the human world. Morrigan says she’s in no rush of becoming ruler and that there is plenty of time. Belial says there isn’t and tells her to come closer.

Within his curtained throne, Morrigan is shocked to find that her father has faded, only his shadow remaining. He says he hasn’t much time left and that without a ruler, Makai will descend into chaos. Morrigan says that she will prove that she is worthy of being ruler.

In the courtyard, Mudo is sweeping when Lucien comes, saying that Belial had ordered him on a task. Later, Lucien arrives, to Mudo’s surprise. Mudo inquires about his task, and Lucien tells him he didn’t have one, realizing that Morrigan had disguised herself as him. At Mount Gila Gila, Morrigan thinks she could not tell her father about Demitri in his state and that she must defeat him alone. She jumps through the Gate that will take her to the Human World.

In the Human World, Bishamon relishes butchering another village, saying he will never grow tired of it. Hannya and Kien state that they live for battle. Bishamon realizes that the town reminds him of his past, of when he first donned Hannya and wielded Kien.

He had been a warlord whose land was being attacked by a greater warlord. Hearing tales of Hannya and Kien, he found them and killed the keepers of the armor. After taking possession of the war instruments, he slaughtered the rival warlord’s army. He continued conquering, and Bishamon’s memories become foggy after that. He asks Hannya what happened to his army, and Hannya replies that they were dismissed when it had actually slaughtered them. Bishamon remembers a woman’s name, Orin, but does not know why she is significant to him.

Elsewhere, while Anita is sleeping, Donovan awakes, feeling his cursed blood trying to consume him. As he struggles, Anita wakes. He tells her to run, that it’s no longer safe with him. Still emotionless, she touches him, and his Darkstalker side becomes subdued. He looks on as she goes back to sleep.

In Kansas, Felicia visits the orphanage where she was raised since it was on the way to her audition. Talbain remarks how as a werewolf he will never have a home where people care about him. Felicia tells him not to be so cynical and that humans are kinder than he gives credit. At night, Talbain awakes hearing a thump and transforms into his wolf form. He finds one of the children getting a glass of water and is surprised that the boy isn’t afraid of him. The boy replies that any friend of Felicia is a friend of his, no matter what he is.

In Paris, Morrigan arrives from Makai near a train station. She adopts casual clothes and phases through a fence, thinking that using the train will allow her to save her strength rather than flying all the way to Romania. During the trip, she drains three men of their souls.

Side story: The Silver Necklace[]

Baby Bonnie Hood is traveling through a forest during a full moon when she encounters a big wolf. It offers her a request so that its meal doesn’t feel like an execution. She inquires about its scarred eye, and the wolf relates the story killing a couple driving a coach through its woods. The woman had stabbed it in the eye with her silver necklace.

After listening, Bonnie pulls out twin submachine guns and shoots the wolf, who howls that the bullets are silver, to which she retorts that it’s the same silver that had scarred it. She continues shooting the wolf, revealing that the murdered couple were her parents and that she was hiding in the coach, how their deaths drove her to become a hunter, and how she had melted the necklace and mixed into everything she uses to hunt. When her magazines are empty, the wolf haughtily asks if she’s having technical difficulties, not knowing she’s holding a large knife behind her.

Later, she is adjusting the wolf’s head over her fireplace. Satisfied, she sits to read, wearing slippers made from the wolf’s feet and the wolf’s fur a hearth rug.



Darkstalkers Mini[]


  • Mount Gilala Gila is mentioned in the Darkstalkers series canon. In Darkstalkers it is said to be the place of a spatial distortion or gate that connects Makai with the human world.
  • Bishamon's wife, Orin, is mentioned.
  • This is the first and only issue where the mysterious "new star" does not appear.
  • This is the last issue to feature the "Darkstalkers Mini."
  • Again, Ken Siu-Chong forgets that Morrigan doesn't kill humans.


Story by: Ken Siu-Chong

Pencils and inks by:

Joe Vriens, Alvin Lee, Kevin Lau
Backgrounds by: Scott Hepburn
Colors by: Espen Grundetjern, Susan Lou, Christine Choi, Gary Yeung
Assistant Editor: Marina Siu-Chong
Lettering: Cyber Graphix
Udon Chief: Erik Ko
Mad-Evil-Foil cover: Arnold Tsang
Capcom mini:

Corey Lewis (credited as Rey)

Back-up Story: Skottie Young



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