Darkstalkers Volume 4

Darkstalkers Issue 4 cover 1

Darkstalkers Issue 4 by Udon Comics and published by Devil's Due was released in February of 2005. The comic's writer was Ken Siu-Chong with artwork by Joe Vriens and Alvin Lee. Although this issue was released two months after December, it featured the supplementary story, "Felicia's Christmas Carol." The "Darkstalkers Mini," written by Rey, featured Rikuo, Felicia and Jon Talbain as well as Huitzil.

Publisher synopsis[]

"Somewhere in rural Germany, in the ancient fortress they called home, Professor Gerdenheim and his android assistant Emily brought new artificial life into the world in the form of Victor. When the professor died, Victor hoped that he could be "repaired" at a nearby village. Carrying the professor's lifeless body, Victor and Emily made the journey to the closes village they could find. Unfortunately for the two desperate orphans, the village had recently been plagued by evil Darkstalkers, and the entire village reacts violently to the unexpected visit."
–Udon Entertainment, Darkstalkers Graphic File.

Issue Synopsis[]

Months ago, a thunderstorm rages outside Castle von Gerdenheim. Professor Gerdenheim walks his castle with his creation Emily, who resembles his deceased daughter. He tells her that he gave her life, but it would not last long, though Emily is nonetheless grateful. Creating a self-sustaining life eluded him until one night, he had an idea that it could be produced with lightning. Emily assists him as he raises a covered figure on an operating table to an opening in the laboratory’s ceiling. Professor Gerdenheim reminisces how when his wife Nora and daughter Lily were killed by Darkstalkers, he vowed to conquer death through science. Pulling a lever, lightning strikes the rods surrounding the operating table, which channels it into the covered figure. Moments pass, and when he thinks he had failed, the creature mutters, “Father.”

Four months later, Emily is driving a cart to the castle when Darkstalkers appear on the road, preparing to eat her. Victor emerges from the cart and slays them. At the castle, Professor Gerdenheim thanks Emily for bringing the machine parts from the graveyard and asks if they had seen Darkstalkers. She says they had and that made twenty that Victor had slain in a week. When Professor Gerdenheim says the town will need them more than ever, Emily questions if he’s ashamed of them since he never showed them to the townspeople. He replies he’s not ashamed, but the townspeople would not understand because of the Darkstalker attacks; they would just view Emily and Victor as monsters. He says one day, he will perfect his science and give Victor a less intimidating form and Emily a new heart with self-sustaining power.

Later that night, while working on Emily’s heart, Professor Gerdenheim has a heart attack and collapses to the floor, dead. Emily and Victor find him the next day and, not understanding death, think he’s merely tired and bring him to his bed. Months pass, and his body decomposes, and Emily and Victor become worried. Emily thinks that the townspeople may know how to fix him.

In the town, there is a meeting over the increasing Darkstalker attacks. One townsman blames Professor Gerdenheim for playing god, saying there has been tales of a young girl who looks exactly like Professor Gerdenheim’s dead daughter and a giant had been spotted around his castle just weeks after some graves had been robbed. A woman bursts into the hall, telling everyone to come outside.

The townsfolk find Emily and Victor, the latter holding Professor Gerdenheim’s decaying corpse. Emily nervously introduces herself and Victor, and asks if someone knows how to fix their father. The townsfolk, thinking they are Darkstalkers, attack. Victor defends Emily and attacks the townsfolk, calling them bad people. Before he can kill one, Emily tells him to stop and that they should leave since they are not wanted. Later that night, there is another town meeting. The leader of the town decides to hire Donovan to rid them of Victor.

Side story: Felicia’s Christmas Carol[]

Five years ago, Felicia is starring in an orphanage play as the Ghost of Christmas Past. As she enters the stage and begins reciting her lines, a Darkstalker appears on stage. Felicia thinks it’s merely a fellow actor in a realistic costume, one that has arrived too early. She causes a distraction by fighting it. When she spots the real actor, she realizes she’s fighting a Darkstalker. She panics and knocks it out. Seeing the surprised expression of the audience, Felicia ends the play early.



Darkstalkers Mini[]


  • Complications with Emily's power supply are mentioned, similarly to the video games.
  • Victor appears to like marshmallows in his hot chocolate. This is referenced again in Darkstalkers Issue 6's "Darkstalkers Mini."


Story by: Ken Siu-Chong

Pencils and inks by:

Joe Vriens, Alvin Lee
Backgrounds by: Scott Hepburn
Colors by: Espen Grundetjern, Susan Lou, Christine Choi, Gary Yeung
Assistant Editor: Marina Siu-Chong
Lettering: Cyber Graphix
Udon Chief: Erik Ko
Mad-Evil-Foil cover: Joe Madureira with colors by Arnold Tsang
Capcom mini:

Corey Lewis (credited as Rey)



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