Darkstalkers Volume 3

Darkstalkers issue 3 by Udon Comics was release in January of 2005 and published by Devil's Due Publishing. The comic featured writing by Ken Siu-Chong and artwork done by Kevin Lau and Alvin Lee.The issue also included the side story that was titled "Demetri's Chosen," which was Demitri Maximoff's first real appearance in the series. The "Darkstalkers Mini," a one page short, featured Sasquatch.

The comic was released with three alternate covers, one featuring Demitri, done by Alvin Lee. The second cover featured Felicia andJon Talbain and was done by Kevin Lau. The last cover featured Felicia and was done by Joe Madureira.

Publisher synopsis[]

"Forsaken by her agent and fired for from a downtown Boston theater, Felicia felt a sense of hopelessness washing over her. With her permanent sense of optimism keeping her afloat, Felicia headed to a new audition and new opportunities. On her way, she encounters the Darkstalker Jon Talbain being tormented by some humans. Excited beyond the limits of his self-control by the power of the full moon, Jon Talbain could not be reasoned with. Left with no other option, Felicia was forced to defeat Jon Talbain in battle. Deeply affected by Felicia's cheerful disposition, Jon Talbain decides to join her on her journey out west."
–Udon Entertainment, Darkstalkers Graphic File.

Issue Synopsis[]

In Boston, the catwoman Felicia is performing in a play as the lead actress. After the curtains close, one of the actors asks her they had a full house as he couldn’t see due to the lights and that it was too quiet. Felicia cheerfully states that they must be awed. When the curtains open for the cast to take their bows, she finds that the theater is almost empty.

In the dressing room, her fellow actress is glad that Felicia is not stressed out by the poor turnout. Felicia is optimistic that when word spread, their next show will be a full house. At this moment, the manager bursts in, saying that because of Felicia, he’s ruined. He hands Felicia her paycheck and fires her, angrily declaring that he should’ve never hired a cat.

In a bar, Felicia visits her agent, and is surprised to learn she is quitting. The agent explains that there is no demand for catwomen actresses and gives her a list of open auditions, but advises her to give up on being an actress. Felicia watches the news at the bar, which discuss the mysterious orange star. The star's appearance corresponded with an alleged increase in paranormal sightings and this allegation led to an increase in hate crimes against catwomen. Felicia wonders aloud why people are angry since catwomen and humans are not that different. A patron in the back tells her that she should be glad she’s not a human since they are intolerant and murderous. Felicia disagrees, saying that humans and catwomen can live together in harmony, and the patron leaves, finding her optimism amusing. Felicia retorts that he’s a jerk.

In an art gallery in Scotland, a woman is admiring the artworks when a painter asks her to be his model. He gives her the address to his studio, saying that they will take the first steps toward immortalizing her beauty.

In Boston the next evening, Felicia is preparing to audition, though the casting director has some reservations about her being a catwoman. As she starts, the door bursts open, and a werewolf crashes onto the stage, pursued by two armed men. Felicia disarms one and demands to know what the werewolf did. The man replies that he was lurking to ambush them while the werewolf retorts that he was looking for a place to sleep. The other man opens fire, and Felicia disarms him as well, forcing both men to flee.

She checks on the werewolf, who snarls she’s a human lover and attacks her. She defends herself and knocks him unconscious. Afterward, she is told to leave by the casting director for the damage she caused. She takes the werewolf back to her apartment, bandaging his wounds.

In the morning, Felicia visits the werewolf, finding that he is the patron from the bar. He gives his name and apologizes for attacking her, stating that he has a harder time controlling his instincts during a full moon. He tells her his story, how his half-Darkstalker master trained him to control his darkness through martial arts. When his master’s heritage was discovered, people killed him and burned his dojo. Talbain hid, and when hunters discovered him during a full moon, he killed them and fled to America shortly after. Felicia says she understands why he’s so gloomy and suggests he comes with her to another audition across the country.

In Scotland, the painter is asking the woman, who is changing in the bathroom, about the outfit he had selected. She says it’s beautiful and wants the night and painting to be memorable. Her reflection in the mirror reveals that she is Morrigan Aensland.

Side story: Demitri’s Chosen[]

At a grand ball, Demitri’s butler informs a woman that Demitri Maximoff had requested her presence, to the woman’s surprise and pleasure. He escorts her to his chamber and leaves. From his throne, Demitri tells her that when he saw her, he knew that she was worthy of his gift: immortality. He notes that not all were willing to completely subjugate their wills to his in return, to which the woman replies she is willing if it means living forever. Smiling, Demitri rises from his throne and approaches her, and frightens her with a glimpse of his true form. After she re-affirms her willingness, he bites her neck, drinking her blood. The woman collapses into his arms, and Demitri declares that Belial will kneel before his power.



Darkstalkers Mini[]


  • Hate crimes against Cat-Women are mentioned.
  • Felicia has a photograph of her and Sister Rose.
  • Demitri's name in the side story is mispelled as "Demetri."


Story by: Ken Siu-Chong

Pencils and inks by:

Kevin Lau, Alvin Lee
Backgrounds by: Scott Hepburn
Colors by: Gary Yeung, Susan Lou, Christine Choi, Ben Huen
Assistant Editor: Marina Siu-Chong
Lettering: Cyber Graphix
Udon Chief: Erik Ko
Mad-Evil-Foil cover: Joe Madureira with colors by Arnold Tsang
Capcom mini:

Corey Lewis (credited as Rey)


  • Outside the bar, the address 1697 appears. This may allude to 1697 Broadway Street in New York where several theaters reside.



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