Darkstalkers Resurrection Shadow screen shot

Shadow leaving Lilith's body

Darkstalkers Resurrection features both Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge and Darkstalkers 3. Both games are more true to their original arcade releases and lack many of the secrets featured in console ports of these games. The main exception is the ability to select Oboro Bishamon and Dark Talbain in Darkstalkers 3.

Night Warriors[]

Special intros[]

Character Description
Hsien-Ko vs. Lord Raptor When both characters appear on stage, Raptors eyes bulge with hearts and an arrow is shown piercing through him with a heart shaped tip.
Vs. Anakaris (Arcade mode) Instead of falling into the stage, Anakaris will rise from his sarcophagus.
Vs. Bishamon (Arcade mode) Bishamon will jump out of the igloo.
Vs. Felicia (Arcade mode) Felicia will roll into the stage from the background.

Special win poses[]

Character Description
Bishamon vs. Pyron (arcade) Bishamon transforms into a human wearing a kimono.
Lord Raptor vs. Pyron (arcade) Lord Raptor will transform into a more human like form, Le Malta will appear and creatures will take Pyron's corpse away.


  • To select an extra costume color for your character, press the start button.

Darkstalkers 3[]

Darkstalkers Resurrection Oboro screen

Oboro Bishamon vs. Sasquatch

Darkstalkers 3 has several hidden characters. Dark Talbain serves as the boss to Jon Talbain and uses many of the same moves. Oboro Bishamon is a special boss that the player can fight by performing certain requirements. Shadow, who is less of a character, allows players to fight as the opponent they have beaten in a previous match.

Hidden characters[]

Character How to play
Dark Talbain (Dark Gallon) Highlight Jon Talbain on the character select screen. While holding start, press any punch or kicks button
Oboro Bishamon Highlight Bishamon on the character select screen. While holding start, press any punch or kick button.
Shadow Highlight the random select box at the bottom of the character select screen. Press start 5 times and then any punch or kick button.

Special intros[]

Certain characters when fighting each other will present a special intro. These intro's are mostly humorous in nature.

Character Description
Anakaris vs. Felicia Felicia will appear sitting on Anakari's head as he enters the match.
B.B.Hood vs. Jon Talbain Baby Bonnie Hood will be reading a book, get up and have a glimmer in her eye.
B.B.Hood vs. Lord Raptor When Lord Raptor and Le Malta appear, Malta will have hearts sprouting from his eyes and then vanish.
Hsien-Ko vs. Lord Raptor When both characters appear on stage, Raptors eyes bulge with hearts and an arrow is shown piercing through him with a heart shaped tip.
Rikuo vs. Rikuo One of the Rikuo's will appear on stage as a frog and transform.

Special confrontation[]

An extra battle with an opponent and additional dialogue is available after defeating 3 opponents with any combination of ES moves.

Character Opponent
Anakaris Q-bee
Baby Bonnie Hood Talbain
Bishamon Victor
Demitri Maximoff Bishamon
Felicia Morrigan Aensland
Hsien-Ko Lord Raptor
Jedah Dohma Jedah
Jon Talbain Baby Bonnie Hood
Lord Raptor Hsien-Ko
Lilith Jedah
Morrigan Aensland Demitri Maximoff
Q-Bee Anakaris
Sasquatch Rikuo
Rikuo Felicia
Victor von Gerdenheim Lilith

Fight Oboro Bishamon[]

In order to fight Oboro Bishamon, the player must not be using Auto mode, cannot lose a match and must defeat two characters using a specific EX move.

Character EX move Motion
Anakaris Pharaoh Salvation, or Pharaoh Decoration HK, MP, Down, MK, HP (2 levels required) or HK, MP, LK, Down, LP, MK, HP (3 levels required)
Baby Bonnie Hood Beautiful Memory LeftLeft DownDownRight DownRight+2K
Bishamon Togakubi Sarashi After the opponent is knocked down, DownDown+2P
Demitri Maximoff Midnight Pleasure LP, MP, Right, MK, MK
Felicia Please Help Me LeftLeft DownDownRight DownRight+2K
Hsien-Ko Chuukadan LeftLeft DownDownRight DownRight+2P
Jedah Dohma Prova=Di=Servo LeftLeft DownDownRight DownRight+2K, then K
Jon Talbain Moment Slice LP+MP, Right, LK+MK
Lilith Gloomy Puppet Show LeftLeft DownDownRight DownRight+2K (2 levels required)
Lord Raptor Hell Dunk RightDownRight Down+2P
Morrigan Aensland Darkness Illusion LP, LP, Right, LK, HP
Q-Bee +B LeftLeft DownDownRight DownRight+2K
Rikuo Aqua Spread RightRight DownDown+2P or 2K
Sasquatch Big Sledge 720+2K
Victor von Gerdenheim Gerdenheim 3 720+2K (Close to opponent)


  • There is a small chance that Lord Raptor will appear with an afro instead of a mohawk while first performing his Dark Force.
  • When Felicia's taunt is performed in close range of her opponent, she will cling to them. If this is the first action performed, it will count as a first attack even with out causing damage.
  • Defeating Anakaris with Demitri's Midnight Bliss EX will cause Anakaris' lower half to float or crawl across the bottom of and off the screen.
  • Hsien-Ko's taunt can be held indefinitely (or until struck by the opponent) by holding down the select button.
  • Sasquatch has a super taunt that be performed by pressing LeftLeft DownDownRight DownRight+taunt. This taunt requires two levels of super bar.


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