Darkstalkers Graphic File (Vampire Graphic File, (ヴァンパイア グラフィック ファイル) in Japan) is a 143 page book that covers character profiles, unused designs, move charts and various other information. The artbook was originally released on 2007-03-28 by Capcom in Japan. On 2008-12-29, Udon released the English version in America.


Darkstalkers Graphic File starts off with various images from the Darkstalkers series, including artwork from crossover series and other promotional media such as soundtracks and drama CDs.

Each character page is broken down into several sections. The first page contains character stats and bios from the series. The next page includes move lists with screen caps of the various character attacks. Various artwork is provided like sketches and ending rough drafts. Screen caps of each characters' endings are provided as well as in game victory dialogue translated from Japanese.

The end of the book features a "retrospective", with a time line and information on the Darkstalkers' game releases. Additional promotional media is also featured with images of various soundtracks and arcade pamphlets. Action figures and Udon's own comics (in the American version) are given their own sections with the book ending with a glossary.


English edition staff[]

  • Translations: M. Kirie Hayashi
  • Layout Adaptation and design: Matt Moylan

Udon staff

  • Udon Chief: Erik Ko
  • Project Manager: Jim Zubkavich
  • Marketing Manager: Matt Moylan

Capcom Licensing

  • Toshi Tokumaru
  • Takei Enomoto of Capcom Co. Ltd.
  • Germaine Gioia
  • Junta Saito
  • Josh Austin
  • Francis Mao of Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
  • Mar Mostman of Most Management.


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