Darkstalkers the Night Warriors Volume 2

Cover 2B

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors Issue 2 was released in May 5th of 2011. As with previous issues in the series issue 2 was written by Ken Sui-Chong. The line work was done by Eric Vedder and Joe Vriens with an addition cover featuring Felicia done by Emily Warren. Although this issue is second in the series, it's super-wide cover is the last piece in a three part panarama.

This issue featured staple characters in the comic series, Morrigan Aensland, Demitri Maximoff and Donovan Baine. It also introduced Sasquatch and his tribe as well as two new characters who are not canon to the video game series, Majorette the witch and her catman friend Thomas. Both Majorette and Thomas make their appearance in Felicia and Jon Talbain's story arc.

Publisher synopsis[]

"Learn the true origins of demon hunter Donovan, as he battles the ghostly samurai Bishamon. Meanwhile, Morrigan finally confronts Demitri, the vampire lord. Also in this issue, a Felicia backup story where she encounters an all-new Darkstalker!"
–Udon Entertainment

Issue Synopsis[]

Twenty years ago, Donovan’s Darkstalker blood took control of him and he slaughtered the people in his town, including his mother, horrifying him. Back in the present, Bishamon attacks him, calling him a hypocrite for denying his nature and thinking he is better than other Darkstalkers. Donovan replies that he is just as evil as Bishamon and that is why Donovan must destroy him.

Donovan relates to Anita how he is a Dhampir, a half-vampire, and how he became a monk to control his Darkstalker side, but it wasn’t enough. When he claimed the Dhylec, he began his quest to rid the world of Darkstalkers. Bishamon declares that his quest will fail and attacks again, managing to cut him with Kien.

As Donovan tells Anita to leave, Bishamon attempts to slay her. However, her powers awaken, and she tells Bishamon that he will experience what she has felt since Darkstalkers slaughtered her family. Bishamon is overwhelmed by the anguish and sadness, and his soul is ripped from Hannya armor. Bishamon’s spirit appears before Donovan and Anita, thanking them for freeing him before vanishing.

Donovan asks Anita if she is cured and finds that she’s not. They then see an orange shooting star and Donovan notes he feels evil from it and that perhaps following it will lead Anita to recovering her emotions.

In the Big Foot Kingdom, Sasquatch had returned to his leader Tundra after having been sent to discover what is causing the melting of their lands. Sasquatch said that he didn’t determine what was causing it, but on his journey he discovered an island and that they should move there. Tundra is aghast at the suggestion of abandoning their ancestral lands until Sasquatch gives him a food that is abundant on the island – bananas. After tasting one, Tundra orders everyone to evacuate to that island. Just then, he sees an orange shooting star.

Pyron lands on Earth and asks the Huitzil units for the location of the two they had shown him earlier. He thinks it would be trivial to consume them in his gigantic form, so he adopts a smaller, corporeal form and hopes they give him a challenge.

In Romania at Castle Maximoff, Morrigan hides and watches as the women take their lives with daggers, calling out their devotion to Demitri. Their blood coalesces into a pool, and Demitri’s servant collects some in a chalice. Demitri drinks from the chalice, and his power is restored. Demitri tells his servants that he will take Makai and that where they stand a portal will open to Makai as it does every thousand years.

His servants are suddenly slain by Morrigan, who drops her disguise when Demitri says she is familiar. They prepare for battle.

Side story[]

In Colorado at night, the train Felicia and Talbain boarded has been stopped for hours for maintenance and Felicia, in cat form, is anxious at being there. Talbain asks Felicia to stop running around so he can rest and suggests she gets some air. Taking his advice, she climbs on top of the train, taking in the air.

A witch named Majorette is flying on her broom with a black cat named Thomas. She hates stray cats, especially white ones, and thinks the only good ones are the black ones. When she spots Felicia, she blasts her with her wand, Felicia dodging. She transforms to her true form, and Majorette continues attacking her, declaring she hates cat-women as well.

Hearing the commotion, Talbain bursts through the train’s roof in his wolf form, demanding them to get away from Felicia. Thomas is frightened into his true form, a catman, and flees in terror. Majorette goes after him, swearing that she will get them later, leaving Felicia and Talbain confused who they were.


Featured Characters:[]



  • Donovan's past was once again explored.
  • The sails on Sasquatch's iceberg ship featured a Bigfoot smiley face and a giant foot.
  • Tundra, the leader of the Sasquatch tribe was only referred to as Highness in the comic.
  • Demitri brought up Morrigan's father, Belial.
  • Characters Majorette and Thomas make their first appearance. These two characters are only considered canon to the comics.
  • This was the first and only issue where a Darkstalker acknowledged the strange star in the sky.


  • This issue's representation of the Bigfoot tribe's village was near close to Sasquatch's Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors and Night Warrior: Darkstalkers' Revenge stage. In both, there is a sign written in Japanese which reads 危険 (kiken) which translates to "danger."
  • According to the Darkstalkers game canon, there is no such thing as a Catmen race. This differs from the world presented in the Udon version.


Story: Ken Siu-Chong
Pencils: Eric Vedder, Joe Vriens
Inks: Crystal Reid
Colors: Espen Grundetjern
Letters: Marshall Dillon
Bonus story pencils: Joe Ng


Cover artwork[]




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