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Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors was released in arcades in 1994. The Japanese version of the game, Vampire: The Night Warriors had numerous quotes for each character while it's English counterpart only had one quote for each character. Translations of the Japanese quotes were published in Darkstalkers: Graphic File.

Western win quotes[]

Character Quote
Anakaris "You misbegotten spawn of a jackal! Crawl back to your hole!"
Bishamon "How could you hope to defeat me! The immortal spirit of Bushido."
Demitri Maximoff "Is your blood as thin and weak as you? Let's find out, shall we?"
Felicia "I hope I've shown you how to treat a lady. Next time I'll have to get rough."
Huitzil (Phobos) "Target destroyed. Mission completed."
Jon Talbain (Gallon) "My power is the fury of the beast. None can overcome it!"
Lord Raptor (Zabel Zarock) "You should thank me. That broken face is very becoming on you."
Morrigan Aensland "My beauty can overcome brains and brawn!"
Pyron "You were not worth fighting. I need a more challenging foe."
Rikuo (Aulbath) "You land beings are so weak! I'm disappointed."
Sasquatch "If I have to fight weaklings like you,you could at least make an effort!"
Victor von Gerdenheim "You are no match against my great strength!"

Translated Japanese quotes[]


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  • "A curse upon you!"
  • "All illusions must be dismissed."
  • "Am I difficult to understand? My apologies."
  • "Be not a fool. There can only be one pharaoh."
  • "Defeated soul, kneel before your god. I am the great Pharaoh Anakaris."
  • "Defy not your lord and ruler."
  • "Evil...Destruction...Devastation...Death."
  • "Fool! Leave my sight."
  • "I am the pharaoh! I am god! I am supreme! I am invincible!"
  • "Infidel! Fall into the eternal darkness."
  • "It is the will of God. To the victor goes the glory, and the defeated there is only despair."
  • "Learn the limits of your abilities. You cannot defeat a god."
  • "Only my honor as pharaoh, I cannot allow you to win."
  • "Praise me loudly."
  • "Show some respect! You find yourself before a pharaoh!"
  • "Those who do not believe in the powers of eternity shall answer to me."
  • "What is a pharaoh, you ask? The power of eternity."
  • "Who are you? Show your true self."


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  • I will cut you up! I wcut you up!!
  • Ha ha ha! They have fallen to my blade!
  • Ah!! Victory is mine!!
  • Rise! To heaven!!
  • Blood! You weak, pathetic fool! Let me cut you again!!
  • You stubborn fool! You shall be yet another spot of rust on my blade!
  • Heh heh heh... I can hear the cries of your soul!
  • Ah! How I love the sticky sensation of blood!!
  • Stand and deliver!! I shall cut you down!
  • I have seen past your attacks. What a dull blade you are.
  • Even a child can swing a blade around. You do not deserve your weapon.
  • The cutting of the blade! The gushing of the blood! Ha ha ha! The thrust of the sword! The rending of the flesh! ha ha ha ha ha!!
  • I am "Hannya"! The cursed armor that encases this man called Bishamon!
  • What's the matter...?Do I scare you? Are you paralyzed with fear?
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
  • None can fight the curse I carry! This fool is doomed to be my thrall for the rest of his life!!
  • Ha ha ha! I enjoy seeing your face twist in unbearable pain!

It's still not enough... I need more blood!!

Demitri Maximoff[]

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  • "Can you feel it? It is like a wave of shadow engulfing everything!"
  • "Carve this lesson into your body well... there can only be one victor. Me."
  • "Do you even need to ask who is superior?"
  • "Ha ha. Forgive me. It's just that I find you so amusing."
  • "Ha ha. That was thoroughly enjoyable. A little danger every now and then is not a bad thing."
  • "Hmph. "Defeat" does not suit me."
  • "If you hope to defeat me, you must put your life on the line. That is just proper manners."
  • "I had a nice time, though a little unsatisfying."
  • "I wish I could play with you a little longer. Unfortunately, I am a very busy man."
  • "It is over. You shall have an eternity in hell to regret your actions."
  • "My first battle in a century, and this is all you can give me?"
  • "This is my true strength. You would do well to remember it."
  • "Tonight, I shall make a toast with your blood."
  • "Quite the luck you had on your side... it made for an entertaining evening. Ha ha."
  • "Why don't you give up? Surely you are getting tired of embarrassing yourself by now?"
  • "You made a fine opponent. I honor your effort."


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  • "My claws have been growing so quickly lately... Let me use your body as a scratching post, okay? ♥"
  • "What's this called again? 'An easy victory'? It feels so good!!"
  • "What? It's over already? Aw... I was just starting to have fun."
  • "I thought I was taking it pretty easy on you... I guess I'm just too strong. Sorry. ♥"
  • "I hate you! Nyah nyah!!"
  • "I won this time, so I guess it's okay... but I never want to play with you again!"
  • "I was so scared! I thought I was going to lose for a second there."
  • "Don't look at me like that. It's not my fault you lost!"
  • "You look just like me. How strange."
  • "Don't worry. Just give them a good licking and your wounds will heal quickly. See...?" (lick)
  • "Hey, can I just say one thing? Your face looks all funny now! Heehee!"
  • "Oh, now, stop messing with me!"
  • "Sorry, did that hurt? That's what you get for being so reckless."
  • "Claws are a woman's best friend."
  • "Too bad, so sad. I win!"
  • "Victory is like catnip... it makes me all tingly!"
  • "If you were a little stronger, maybe we could be friends."
  • "Even cats need to know a little martial arts these days."

Jon Talbain[]

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  • "No one can stop me... no one!"
  • "Put your all into fights. That is how I do things!"
  • "To be frank, I have no time to waste on slowpokes!"
  • "I have no desire to toy with you any further... get lost!"
  • "You're pretty skilled. I better get back to my training."
  • "Hey, that's enough... no need to be a poor sport about it."
  • "I see there's a lot more to this world yet. I didn't expect to run into someone who would make me work so hard."
  • "Ah, al dente... just the way I like it. The blood sauce wasn't too bad, either."
  • "Come back when you've trained a little more.Of course, I will be even stronger by then!"
  • "Are your fangs props or something!? Pathetic!"
  • "Savor the taste of defeat!"
  • "Your options are simple... I can tear you to pieces, or you can run away with your tail between your legs!!"
  • "Are you still unable to exceed your own limitations!?"
  • "No one can stand up to my fangs!!"
  • "The moon is slowly driving me insane! It tells me to 'tear everything apart!' "
  • "My name is Jon Talbain... the werewolf warrior who is faster than the wind."
  • "Maybe you should give up now. There's no way you can beat me. Not in a hundred years."
  • "Discretion is the better part of valor... and you don't even have that."

Lord Raptor (Zabel Zarock)[]

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  • "As if I could afford to die even more, baby!!"
  • "Did my performance make you weak in the knees? It's okay just soak it in!"
  • "Did you actually think you could win? He he he. You are a fool!"
  • "Have you been putting yourself on a crash diet? You're looking a little pale! Ha ha ha!!"
  • "Ha ha ha!! I like that look on your face right now. It really suits you!"
  • "How about a duet some time? Of course, I'd be singing the main part!!"
  • "'A rotting zombie is still a zombie,' as they say! Ha ha ha!!"
  • "I am the Emperor Zabel Zarock! No one stands a chance against me!!"
  • "I have no words of pity for you, but I still say this: 'Eat that!' Ha ha ha!!"
  • "I'll take your silence as an indication of your awe. Sorry, but I don't give out autographs."
  • "I've actually come to like you quit a bit. You feel so good when I'm cutting you up!"
  • "I've had enough. I feel like I'm hitting my own face here."
  • "Let my shouts drive you crazy, baby!!"
  • "The gates to hell are right in front of you, baby!!"
  • "There's not enough room in this word for two Zabel Zarock's."
  • "This is The End!!!"
  • "What are you, a heckler? Ha ha ha!!"
  • "What was the proverb? 'Spend 3 years underground?' Ha ha ha!!"

Morrigan Aensland[]

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  • "Ahh, this thrill! There's nothing like a near-defeat to get me going."
  • "Arouse me some more, won't you? I want this to be a night I won't forget!"
  • "Don't be so scared. It only hurts a little... then you'll just feel like you're falling into darkness."
  • "I know... I'm just as beautiful when I fight. Try not to admire me while we're fighting, though... it doesn't make for much of a challenge."
  • "I feel quite satisfied now. Thank you."
  • "I want to steal you away... all of you."
  • "Look at what you did to my face! Did you really think you could get away with this? It's no surprise you were defeated."
  • "Mmm... That feels so good. I can feel your life energies filling me..."
  • "Oh, you'll get me some day, huh? What a lame thing to say."
  • "Teehee... You're so cute. Did you really think you had a chance?"
  • "There is no escape... Receive my kiss of death."
  • "What's the matter? You can have your way with me, you know... that is, if you can handle me."
  • "We should meet again tonight... in your dreams."
  • "You're boring me. I'm going home."
  • "You're so cute. I love how you get all worked up."
  • "You're trying too hard. Come back when you've outgrown your diapers!"

Victor von Gerdenheim[]

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  • "Are you... my little brother?"
  • "Do you...hurt?"
  • "Do you know the professor? He is a great man."
  • "I am a "human construct"... I am the strongest man in the world"
  • "I am you...and you are me...I'm confused."
  • "I don't try this hard all the time..you are pretty strong."
  • "I know about you...you are a "fake," right?"
  • "I missed breakfast this morning.. I'm hungry. You look yummy."
  • "My punch is like 10 of yours. That is why I will note lose."
  • "No matter how you think about it, I'm the strongest."
  • "Professor...I am strong. The strongest in the world."
  • "That last punch was scary."
  • "The professor made me strong. That's why I win."
  • "The professor will note say nice things to me anymore. I am sad."
  • "Yep, I'm the strongest."
  • "You're like me. But I still wont."
  • "You're weak. But don't be sad. I'm just too strong."
  • "What does it feel like?"
  • "Will you remember my name now?"