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Darkstalkers: Morrigan #1 cover

Darkstalkers: Morrigan #1 is a one-shot comic created by UDON Entertainment featuring the eponymous character. It was released on March 30th 2022. Since the events of Street Fighter VS. Darkstalkers, Morrigan has been crowned queen. As she struggles to get accustomed to her new position, she learns of an incident at Mount Gilala Gila and decides to investigate.

Publisher synopsis[]

"The Demonic Darkstalker Morrigan’s late-night escapades into the human world have accidentally unleashed a destructive force onto her home dimension! Now, she must personally confront this new evil to return order to her kingdom of monsters and misfits…! Featuring a character never previously revealed in UDON’s Darkstalkers comic books!"
–UDON Entertainment.

Issue Synopsis[]

An antique restorer is fixing a marionette using a special artifact. When he returns it to an elderly woman, she expresses surprise of how he had fixed the doll and asks for his secrets. The man says that magicians never reveal their secrets, and the woman replies that thieves don’t either. She transforms, revealing herself to be Morrigan Aensland and that the artifact he has doesn’t belong to him. Frightened, the man retorts that it had been in his family for a hundred years, and Morrigan says it had been in her family longer. She kisses him, and he disintegrates into a skeleton. She retrieves the artifact, which is a tooth of Belial Aensland.

Morrigan dons the tooth as a necklace in front of a mirror, asking Lilith’s opinion on it. Morrigan becomes dismayed when Lilith mentions her ruling duties and reluctantly creates a portal to Makai. Unknown to her, she is followed by one of the many marionettes the antique restorer owned.

Back at Makai, a contract dispute is brought before a bored Morrigan for arbitration. When one disputant claims that the issue could have been settled sooner had Morrigan made appointments to the demon trade commission, the Queen of Makai takes offense to the implication that her rule has been inadequate and slays both disputants. Morrigan leaves the throne room as her subjects hail her and Mudo reschedules the rest of her appointments.

Mudo follows her to a balcony, and Morrigan apologizes for having him take care another of her messes. As Morrigan broods over how ruling without conflicts is tedious and out of her element, Lucien comes and informs her that there have been attacks at Mount Gilala Gila, which have halted the mining of cursed obsidian ore, a very valuable commodity in Makai. Morrigan decides to investigate alone.

Once there, a miner leads Morrigan to where the previous attack had occurred. As he is warning her of possible dangers, he is slain by a werewolf, who Morrigan notes strongly resembles Jon Talbain. She grounds the werewolf, who proceeds to transform into Bishamon and resumes his attack and continues transforming into other Darkstalkers. Morrigan shoots a Soul Fist, demanding the shapeshifter show his true form. The shapeshifter is grounded again, and her true form is Marionette.

As Morrigan thinks she is defeated, Marionette rises and ensnares her with puppet strings, saying that she wanted to take her form since first seeing her. She begins reading her thoughts to make impersonating her perfect and discovers that Morrigan feels like a puppet ruling Makai.

Morrigan screams for her to get out of her head, destroying the snares, but Marionette learned enough to assume Morrigan’s form, but with blonde hair. Marionette says that she will enjoy impersonating Morrigan and wonders if her subjects will even notice she’s gone. She flies Morrigan out of the mine and slams her into the ground. She then notices that Morrigan’s wearing Belial’s tooth, the artifact used to give Marionette life. Though she hates it for reminding her that she was the antique restorer’s puppet, Marionette reaches to take it, thinking that it would give her more power and freedom.

However, Lilith appears, and she and Morrigan fight against Marionette. Using the power of Belial’s tooth, they perform Finishing Shower, and the assault turns Marionette into stone. Lilith wonders if Morrigan will regret not letting Marionette impersonate her as it could have been her chance to get away from ruling Makai. Morrigan says that she must get accustomed to ruling during peace as it’s her responsibility and that shirking her duties is as cowardly as fleeing from battle, and that breaking Marionette made her realize that.

As Morrigan flies away, the stone encasing Marionette cracks and falls away, revealing Shadow, which states that it had not been broken, but set free.




  • Lucien
  • Mudo



  • Some forms that Marionette takes are based on the characters’ alternate palette colors.
  • Marionette and Shadow being shapeshifters is based the fact that in the games, they have no original moveset, but take on the moveset and appearance of other characters.


Story by: Ken Siu-Chong
Art by: Panzer
Lettering by: D.C. Hopkins





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