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Darkstalkers: Felicia #1 cover

Darkstalkers: Felicia #1 is a one-shot comic created by UDON Entertainment featuring the eponymous character. It was released on April 26, 2023. Since the events of Street Fighter VS. Darkstalkers, Jon Talbain has been blamed for the disappearance of local children, and Felicia sets out to rescue them and clear the werewolf's name.

Publisher Synopsis[]

Everyone's favorite feline femme- Felicia- stars in her own one-shot adventure! Felicia explores the seedy underworld of Darkstalker society to clear the good name of her lycanthropic best friend… but it may all be for naught if a certain gun-toting red-hooded girl gets to him first! --UDON Entertainment.

Issue Synopsis[]

On a full moon night, a boy comes upon a mansion while muttering to himself, “one more.” The next morning in rural Kansas, two police officers visit Felicia’s orphanage, Felicity House. Felicia welcomes them, and they reveal that Kevin, the boy Felicia reported missing, had not been found yet but they had since learned that she had a new arrival. Felicia is confused until Jon Talbain interjects that they are talking about him. The officer Peggy is suspicious that Talbain may be involved in Kevin’s disappearance. The police leave to resume searching and Peggy warns that if she finds evidence of Talbain’s involvement, she will arrest him.

Felicia is offended by Peggy’s assumptions, telling Talbain that he has been doing a lot better since he moved into the orphanage with her. Talbain states he was, but as of late he’s been feeling as though something is trying to control him again. Felicia is adamant that Talbain is doing all right and informs the children that she is going away for a time and to be good to Talbain and Sister Celicia.

In the woods outside the orphanage, Peggy is handing a duffel bag of money to Baby Bonnie Hood, telling her that for now, she only wants to get rid of Talbain before more Darkstalkers show up.

In Wichita, Kansas, Felicia follows Kevin’s scent, which has become mixed with something she characterizes as stale and dark. She reflects that she has always had faith she was home in the human world despite the obstacles she faced. Her search leads to a club frequented by Darkstalkers where she meets a fellow catwoman named Asha, who hands her an invitation, which Felicia notes has the same stale and dark scent.

Meanwhile at the orphanage, B.B. Hood’s dog Harry snuffles the floor to Hood’s annoyance. While Hood is examining what piqued his attention using Shadaloo googles, Talbain confronts her. Hood reveals that she’s come to kill him, but examining the floor revealed the remnants of a micro-portal, and she wonders where it goes. After examining it himself, Talbain informs her that it goes to the Majigen, but he didn’t know about it, which leads Hood to conclude that she has a new prey. At this, Talbain reveals that he has a clue where Kevin is.

Felicia has been led to a country club where a masquerade is being held, noticing that everyone has the same stale and dark scent. The concierge tells his audience that normally his staff would have to search far and wide to bring them gifts of Makai, but this one had walked in last night, and reveals Kevin. Felicia attempts to take him home, but he touches her, making her scream. Semi-conscious, Felicia hears a voice telling her that her acting dreams have not been fulfilled and she should give in to it in order to accomplish them.

Talbain arrives, breaking her from her slumber. B.B. Hood comes and explains to Felicia that she had been possessed by a shadow soul that initially tried to possess Talbain, but found him too strong. So it possessed Kevin instead and all the people at the country club. Felicia asks why Hood would help them since she hates Darkstalkers, and she states it’s because she never captured a shadow soul before and doing so would enhance her reputation.

While Felicia and Hood fight Shadow’s thralls, Talbain tells Shadow to release Kevin, and it does, managing to possess Talbain. The possessed Talbain attacks Felicia and Hood, saying that with Talbain, it will feed on everyone in Makai and the human world. Hood attempts to use her picnic basket bazooka, but it is kicked out of her hands by Felicia. Felicia begs Talbain to regain control because Shadow has abandoned its control over its thralls to possess him. She hugs him, saying that because of him she still has faith. Talbain returns to normal. While Kevin is using the googles to look at the micro-portal left by Shadow, the concierge informs Felicia and Talbain that Hood had left.

Back at the orphanage, Felicia lets Kevin keep the googles, but believes Shadow will not return, and thinks how she and Talbain do not need to discuss how the nature of their relationship was enough for him to regain control.

Hood returns to Peggy and gives her the duffel bag, saying she’s refunding her. Peggy questions her since she never passed an opportunity to slay a werewolf. Hood says that was before she had seen a powerful Darkstalker. She will bide her time and when the moment is right, she will go after the most powerful demon on Earth—Felicia.





  • Kevin wears a shirt that has Ryu on it.


Story by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Tovio Rogers
Lettering by: Justin Birch





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