"Darkest Before Dawn" is the 12th episode in the American children's series of Darkstalkers. This episode revolves around Demitri Maximoff and features the two Darkstalker hunters, Donovan Baine and Hsien-Ko. This episode also marks growth in Harry Grimoire's powers before the last episode in the series.


Demitri has come into possession of a mystical crystal skull that holds great power. After informing Harry and Felicia of Demitri's new found power, Bishamon heads out to stop him. Meanwhile dark hunters Donovan Baine and Hsie-Ko are in pursuit of the evil vampire but, only Harry has the power to stop Demitri.


Darkest Before Dawn Elijah Merlin

Elijah Grimoire and Merlin



  • Dracula (Michael Donovan)
  • Elijah Grimoire (silent)
  • Merlin (silent)
  • Pyron (Richard Newman)
  • Morrigan Aensland (Saffron Henderson)
  • Computer (Ian Corlett)



Darkest Before Dawn Harry Donovan
  • Felicia is borrowing a car from Lex, who first appeared in "And the Walls Come Tumblin Down." He often loses to Felicia in arm wrestling matches.
  • Harry gives to Bishamon his great great great grandfather, Elijah's, Singing Sword. A singing sword also appeared in "Little Bigfoot's Last Stand."
  • Demitri mentions events from the first episode and reveals that Harry lives in New York.


  • Donovan's lips often go from flesh colored to a dark black like color.
  • Donovan's hand often appears to be covered by his sleeve but in some scenes it flesh colored.


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