Computer is a character created for the Darkstalkers TV series by Graz Entertainment. He is Pyron's sarcastic computership helper in the show who aids with a majority of his tasks. He appears in a majority of the episodes alongside Pyron himself. He is voiced by Ian Corlett.

His general appearance is that of a round metallic orb which glows when it speaks, though as he is a central part of the ship itself he can communicate and transmit himself onto many other areas on the ship such as on the big computer screen Pyron is seen using.

Role & Abilities[]

Computer serves as Pyron's helper who has control over the entire ship they inhabit and its features, his main given objectives are to transport the other Darkstalkers (occasionally Pyron himself too) or other things into or outside the ship for quick transportation through his UFO like beamer. He also has a radio communication system of sorts that allows him or anyone on the ship to communicate to others outside the ship, as well as watch what goes on outside the ship. Computer also holds control of the defensive systems of the ship as well as systems for altering communications systems on earth as seen by Lord Raptor sabotaging it to display his demo tape onto the globe.

A lot of these features can be accessed by other people on the ship as well, though Computer has the main control over it and on some occasions as seen when the Sasquatches were wrecking the ship causing it to start to crashing, uses them without the consent of anyone against Pyron's own orders to beam them out to save the ship. He has also stated that he is the one responsible for fixing up the ship after a majority of the ruckus that happens on the ship in several episodes causes it to get damaged.

It is stated that a majority of Pyron's power in the cartoon comes from the ship, something that Computer frequently warns him about when he tries to leave it but he dismisses. This caused him to become powerless against Huitzil and captured, as well as start the activation of a self destruct sequence which is caused when Pyron is gone from the ship for too long. Computer later gets this part of his system removed thanks to the help of Harry. Pyron was shown in the last episode to fight a bit better than last time outside his own ship, when he fought against Terramon.


Computer's main defining personality trait is his sarcastic and passive aggressive nature, most notoriously towards his master Pyron and frequently calls him many belittling nicknames such as "Hornhead" and "Foolishness", sarcastic compliments as well as frequently criticizing or teasing him. This does not extend exclusively to Pyron but is most notorious with him as he has shown to have little faith in his plans, as well as not sharing the same level of world conquest desire and frequently suggests safer or more peaceful alternatives for his general. He has also shown to call himself Pyron's "better half" and gets along better with the likes of Felicia and Harry than Pyron or the other people in his group do.

It has been shown to be possible to tamper with his personality, system and voice as shown when Harry modified his higher memory circuits and he started speaking with a more feminine voice and flirted with Pyron, as well as when Lord Raptor damaged an important part of him and he started glitching out and speaking in nonsense.


  • Terramon has been shown with a Computer of his own, who seems far less sarcastic and more respectful to his master.
  • If one looks carefully at the intro of the cartoon, during the phase where the characters show up in a "Good Guys vs Bad Guys" formation, the transition effect is actually of Computer himself turning into the floor in it.


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