Belial Aensland is a fictional character in Capcom's Darkstalkers series and the foster father of Morrigan and Lilith. In Darkstalkers lore, Belial is the ruler of the demon world Makai and the adoptive father of Morrigan, a young succubus. He is also responsible for separating Lilith (Morrigan's lighthearted half) from Morrigan Aensland and sealing her off in a different realm.[1]

Belial is a behind-the-scenes character and has never appeared in game. He has been mentioned and appeared in Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge The Animated Series as well as UDON's Darkstalkers and Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors series.


Belial is the only S+ class supernatural being[2] from Makai and is referred to as the ruler of Makai.[2] Once head of the Aensland noble family, his ancestry spans back to the original ruler of the realm, Zeruru Aensland.[3] He has never used his power for evil and concerns himself with the people who serve him. He has never desired to control others with an iron first; this is because he considers himself and the people of Makai as part of his family. He has four arms and four eyes, with two of these eyes placed on the palms of his hands, and his height reaches over 656 ft (200 m) tall.[2] Being an S+ class supernatural being, Belial has magic far greater than[2] class D supernatural beings.

At one point in time, Belial had fought Demitri Maximoff to stop his evil and his desire for power, Belial exiled Demitri from Makai to the human world for his evil.[4] After the events of Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge, Belial becomes weaker and fades away (due to Dohma's actions behind his back as he did not see him worthy of ruling the realm of Makai because of his compassion), leaving Morrigan as the ruler of the Aensland kingdom.[5]

Morrigan and LilithEdit

When Belial found Morrigan as a baby and took her in as his foster child after her real parents were murdered by an immoral person, he extracted some of the positive aspects of her soul, and sealed part of it away. He was worried that she may not be able to control the large amounts of her powers and that it could lead to her ruin as well as the destruction of Makai. 300 years later, the separated energy became a soul of its own due to Jedah Dohma as he saw Morrigan grow in Makai from the shadows. During the events of Darkstalkers 3, Jedah took notice of this soul, and created a physical body for the new soul, which became known as Lilith. After the events of Vampire Savior, Lilith has successfully united with Morrigan into one single being and the succubus had become more heroic, very similar to that of Belial.


  • Jedah pronounces his name as 'Belial' (be-lai-al) as his selection quote if Morrigan is first selected in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. This puts in question the correct pronunciation of Belial's name, barring direct pronunciation sources from Japanese materials, where pronunciation of names are easier to find; Katakana is usually the script used in non-Japanese names, and Kanas like Katakana have a fixed pronunciation.



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