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Baby Bonnie Hood, commonly referred to as B.B.Hood or Bulleta in the Japanese series, was first introduced in Darkstalkers 3 (Vampire Savior in Japan). Since her first introduction she has only made an appearance in one other fighting game as a playable character, Marvel vs. Capcom 2. She has made cameos in other games.

Her quotes tend to imply the innocence of her outward appearance with the darkness of her soul.

Darkstalkers 3[]

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Darkstalkers 3 Baby Bonnie Hood Winning Portrait

Bonnie's winquotes are mostly consistent across Japanese and English, with only modifications to fit letter limits, or to make more sense in English.

Original quote Translation from Japanese In English / English equivalent
"イヤン、だめェ、こないでっ くんなっつってんだろオラァ!!" "Eek! No, stay away! ... Hey, I said stay away, you loser." "No! Please! Don't come any closer! I'll kill you!"
"お願いきいてくれるゥ?有り金ぜーんぶ置いてって♥" "Hey, would you do me a favor? Leave all of your cash and valuables behind when you leave ♥ " "Would you do me a favor? Hand over all of your money!"
"この世の中のものみーんな ブッ壊したら気持ちいーだろーなぁ" "I bet it'd feel great to destroy everything in the world!" "I'll feel great after I kill everything in this world."
"とりあえず貧乏はヤだからぁ こーやってかせいでるってワケなの" "I don't want to be poor, okay? This is how I make money." "I hate poverty. That's why I have to do this. I'm not bad!"
"あたし夢があるの ダーメ 教えてあげなーい" "I have a dream... but I'm not going to tell you about it." "I have a dream. Nope, I'm not gonna tell you."
"いたいけな少女をつかまえて イケナイ事しよーったってダ・メ♥" "I know what you want from me... but I won't give it to you ♥" "Wanna play with an innocent girl like me? You bad boy!"
"あたしコドモだから わっかんなーい♪" "I'm just a kid.. I don't know what I'm doing ♪" "I'm just a girl in the world."
"あたしってのんびり屋さんだけどォ キれるとヤバいから大注意ねっ" "I'm pretty laid back, but I can get really scary really fast if you make me mad. "I'm usually quite nice, but sometimes I lose my temper!"
"おねぼうサンは嫌われるよっ そろそろ起っきしましょーねっ" "No one likes a sleepyhead. Time to wake up!" "You sleepy baby. Do you need a wake up shot? Ha ha!"
"道に迷っちゃたの ホ・ン・ト・よっ!" "Oh, it seems I've lost my way... whatever shall I do? No, really, I mean it." "I've lost my way. Seriously!"
"ねーェ、いいもうけ話しらなぁい?" "Say, do you know of any way to make a quick buck around here?" "Hi there, do you know any good news I can make money with?"
"殺っちゃおーかなー どーしよっかなー♪" "Should I kill you? I don't know... I'll have to think about it ♪" "Live or die? What shall I do with you? Hmmm..."
"もう、最近シケた客ばっかで いやんなっちゃう!" "Sigh... what's with all the lame customers I've been getting lately?" "These unworthy customers piss me off!"
"いっけない、道草くってたら スッゲェ遅くなっちゃったっ" "Silly goose! You distracted me, and now I'm late!" "Oh no, I've wasted time on the way. I'm going to be late."
"ごめんねえ あたしも生活かかってるのっ" "Sorry, but a girl's gotta make a livin' somehow." "Sorry about that, but I have to earn a living."
"次にそんなフザケたマネしたら ハチの巣にするゼって感じかなっ" "Try that again, and I'll pump you full of lead. Teehee!" "Mess with me again, I'll riddle you with bullets."

The Match of the Millennium: SNK vs. Capcom[]

  • "Back off! Or I'll plug you!"
  • "C'mon! Show me your cash!"
  • "Don't escape... I need your money!" (after defeating any of the other Darkstalkers characters)
  • "Should I stab you or shoot you?"
  • "Show me the money! Well?"
  • "Whoops! Overdid it!"



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