"And the Walls Come Tumblin Down" is the fifth episode of the Darkstalkers TV series. This is the first episode to feature Lord Raptor. It centers around Lord Raptor, Felicia and the young wizard Harry Grimoire. This episode is well known by fans because of a series of goofs where Felicia appears in and out of her gym attire.


While being turned down by a the talent agent, Irving I. Irving, Lord Raptor's guitar sense something strange. Meanwhile, Pyron's computer sense the Trumpet of Jericho and sends Anakaris to find it. Strangely, Harry's ring, The Ring of the Black Dragon, also sense something; Harry and Felicia go to investigate the mystery.




  • Irving I. Irving (Ian Corlett)
  • Pyron (Richard Newman)
  • Computer (Ian Corlett)


The Walls Come Tumblin Down Note Book

Harry's book. One page reads "I love Ani"

  • When Harry reads from the book, one page reads "I love Ani" with "Kim" on the next line. After a line of the alphabet, an additional line reads, "I am sorry."


  • This is the first episode where Felicia does not hide that she is a catwoman, specifically on the plane ride.
  • Lex, a gym owner is referenced in future episodes.
  • This is the second episode Harry and Felicia travel to Africa.

Pop culture references[]

  • In one scene, Felicia's shirt reads "Mike," a play on the sports brand, Nike.
  • Lord Raptor makes a reference to the trumpet as "Louis Armstrong's Horn." Louis Armstrong was a famous musician who played the cornet and trumpet.
  • Lord Raptor states that he was the original Sweeney Todd.
  • Felicia refers to Harry as a "little Rambo."


  • This episode is well known for it's goof with Felicia in Lex's Gym. In one scene she appears in her regular attire, in the next she appears in gym attire.


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